We’ve stumbled upon a few artists that will create custom headbadges for you on the handycraft site, Etsy. Jewelry is always a nice gift to give for the holidays and what could be better than some bling for your bike? (uh, giving the bling to someone to put on their bike, not given to your bike. That would just be weird.)

The star design above, on the left, is from seller headbadge, who will cut your initial out of silver and put it on top of copper (or any variation of) for $120. The Dollar sign is by Laura Crawford (seller tangerinetreehouse), who will make any custom design you want, just send your black and white line drawing and you can have a sterling silver one made up for $95.00. She was recently featured in a video on BikePortland’s website explaining her craft.

Click ‘more’ for a peek at the other sellers we found, and a custom U-lock badge.

Seller FutureCrash designed this “Oliver” headbadge for someone else, but will make one with your design for $60 out of copper/brass/bronze/steel or $80 for one made of silver. FutureCrash will also make a U-lock badge for your ugly-ole U-lock, too, $45 in copper or brass. Click on the link above to check out his other designs.

And, if you’re on a budget, you can always purchase a Pabst Blue Ribbon headbadge to decorate your bike. These puppies are only $5 from seller Bosen, and come with a ready-to-stick adhesive coating on the back and a reflective coating on the top. Safety first.


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