Apparently this one has been kicking around the dark, forgotten reaches of the inner-net for a few years now, but, just in case you missed it, here it is in all its absurd glory. Something as inherently funny as this requires no literary accompaniment, so I will merely quote a few key lines from the song to pique your interest enough for you to watch the video yourself.

“You can be rollin’ on 20’s when you’re on your bike, but you better be pimping with that helmet on tight.”

It’s always good to encourage kids to “be pimping.”

“Check the pressure and the tread on the tube and tire, keep that helmet on your head when you the rider.”

Yes, those are bicycle-related terms which almost rhyme with “rider.”

“Keep your helmet on, no this ain’t no con, keep your helmet on, you can still get hurt on your lawn.”

Really? That’s the best The Oversat Crew could come up with? I’ve seen Tweets with more thought put into them than this song. Oversat Crew, you are no Bangs.

If you are not a follower of really, really bad Sudanese hip hop and you don’t get the Bangs reference, click more…


  1. 10 Years later and I find this review of our bike safety campaign. Oversat for life my friends!

    “Be safe, you never know how it might go
    You’ll be like Black Rob, ridin round and then
    “Like Whoa”
    You don’t live that far away, heading back home
    and get HIT by a car today.
    Nobody wants a lobotomy,
    but if you don’t gamble then you WON’T lose the lottery.
    Or see how far your luck will go,
    Pullin out in front of traffic like the truck will slow.”

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