Lizard Skins’ DSP bar tape is a grippy, rubbery bar tape that comes in two thickness options, and I tested the thicker 2.5mm roll.

It has an incredible feel and has proven really durable. It provides an excellent grip for those of us who do not like wearing gloves, and it only gets better as your hands sweat. I participated in a local charity ride for 24hrs and not once did my hands slip during the humid Carolina summer day (and night). As as added bonus, it can be cleaned!!! So for those of us who prefer white bar tape that means you can go longer without having to change what was once “white” tape. That means I’m running it on my cyclocross bike this season, so stay tuned for a long term “off road” test.

Lizard Skins also offers a 1.8mm thick DSP bar tape that provides the same benefits as the 2.5mm variety, but with a thinner feel for those who like to feel the handlebar more. The 1.8mm tape is available in Black, White and Grey. The 2.5mm tape is available in Black, White, Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Yellow and Orange, plus a dual White/Black, White/Blue, White/Red or Black/Green for those that just can’t decide. $35 to $40 per set. (We found a few new sets on Amazon for as little as $24/set, but if you’re into that whole ‘immediate gratification’ thing, head to your LBS.)

Touch it. Feel it. Love it.


  1. not worth the $$$. I tried this stuff about a year ago. The first set of tape lasted 1 month before it was worn down right behind the hoods, where you tend to rest your hands.
    I called lizard skins and requested a replacement. they sent new tape and same thing happened. love the grip, texture, and ability to clean. Durability = fail.

  2. I worked in a shop over the summer that was obsessed with this stuff because it’s expensive, has a good profit margin, and doesn’t last long. To be entirely honest, I’ve never seen another tape that wears out so quickly. Not to mention that cleaning it is a hassle because Lizard Skins told us not to use soap or bike cleaners or degreasers on it because it wears off the coating that’s supposed to make it more durable. So you get water and elbow grease…which doesn’t do a whole heck of a lot for stained white bar tape.

    If you want grippy, get Fizik Microtex “soft touch” or cork. If you want padded as well put a layer or two of cloth tape under it. And if you want white, use white Microtex (the not soft touch kind).

  3. If you wrap it too tightly, i.e. too much tension, it can wear out quickly…that’s what happened to my first set. I liked the feel enough to give it another try. I was more relaxed with my wrapping the second time and it’s been holding up great!!! Love it!

  4. I tested this tape on my CX bike this year. The tape lasted about 2 months before it lost its tackiness and was wearing at the hoods. Not to be TMI, but I sweat profusely when I ride hard and this stuff was like trying to grab on to a wet raincoat after the tackiness wore off. Granted when it’s fresh out of the box and not ridden on a daily basis this stuff could go probably six months, but as it is on an every day ride and training bike it didn’t last long.

  5. Lets get something straight, softer rubber or compound, wears out faster, yet provides more grip and, at the right mix, more cushioning. Ie, softer rubber car tires, on the whole, grip better and provide a more comfortable ride, yet don’t last as long as harder rubber tires. This isn’t unusual. If you are hard on handlebar tape, can’t live with the expense, or don’t care about the benefits of this stuff, don’t buy it. If like me, cushioning and feel are primary with cost and how fast it wears out secondary, then this is what you get. To me it is great stuff.

  6. Nope,

    This stuff is garbage. I just did 3 cross races yesterday with mild Mid-Western on/off rain. I hated this stuff so bad that even after I was toast that night….I pulled fof that tape and into the trash…it went. Never will I buy a product from this company again. It was just a test on my part. I’m going back to cork.

  7. LBS put the black 2.5cm on my bars last week, I did 3 long rides and the black rubber coating is already worn through at the hoods on both sides. The bars feel great, I like the cushioning (not yet ridden in the rain) but durability is very poor. I’m assuming they stretched it too tight when wrapping the bars but now have to go down and negotiate a replacement. Don’t need the hassle! Flawed product.

  8. The comments above obviously had a bike shop that installed them incorrectly. Ive been riding this stuff nearly every day for about 2 years and have only put on 2 sets. This stuff wears better than anything I’ve ever used. Not to mention how incredible it feels. If installed correctly it lasts forever. Tell your newbie bike shop to read the directions and NOT TO STRETCH.

  9. I agree, it’s a flawed product. Wears out too quickly. If it were a wrap tension issue, they should tell to not wrap to tight or it will wear out.

    There are many tapes with as good a feel and better wear properties. I think my bikeshop sells it not because it’s good but because it’s good margin.

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