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2011 Fulcrum Racing Red Metal 29 XL Wheels Drop 100g, Get Stiffer

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Fulcrum racing has overhauled their signature Red Metal 29er wheel, with a new rim that saves 100g in overall weight, while making a stiffer, stronger package thanks to the use of new circular section aluminum straight-head spokes. Packed with technology, this tubeless wheel will make a great XC, all-mountain, or marathon racing wheel. See everything the Red Metal 29er XL has to offer after the break.

The Red Metal 29 XL starts with a new rim from the previous version, with a new profile design to make it more rigid. A special single milling process saves some weight during the creation of this rim, contributing to the 100g saved over last year’s model.

A hybrid spoke system adds strength and rigidity. The front wheel uses a 2:1 lacing ratio, with 14 spokes cross laced on the left side of the hub, and 7 spokes radially laced on the right side. The rear wheel uses the same ratio, with 8 crossed spokes on the left and 16 crossed spokes on the right side.

The Red Metal 29 XL wheelset is quick release ready, and the front wheel comes standard with a 15mm axle adapter for traditional style forks.

The total weight for this wheelset is a claimed 1750g, which is, again, 100g lighter than the previous model. The XL in the product name stands for “extra light”, an appropriate name, considering the wheelset is 278g lighter than the 2028g Red Metal 29 SL. The XL model boasts a 931g front wheel and a 1097g rear wheel.

The Red Metal 29 XL should begin shipping sometime this month.


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13 years ago


still overweight. and I’m betting, based on previous Fulcrum offerings, very overpriced.

I’d rather the Sun Black Flag 29ers. Cheaper, lighter.

13 years ago

The Black Flag’s “real” weight is >100 grams more than their claimed weight of 1665g. Perhaps the Fulcrum’s we don’t know yet and if not then that point’s invalid. Regardless, it certainly doesn’t make 1750g “heavy”.

As for price, the Fulcrum’s asking price seems to be around $100 more than the Black Flag’s. For UST rims, that’s not an unreasonable premium and it’s in the same ballpark in most respects as the Cr29ssmark wheelset which is generally well regarded.

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