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2011 SKS Product Highlights – Pumps, Bottle Cages, Saddle Bags And Fenders

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We could play a game of “what the hell is that thing?” or I could just come right out and tell you that this nondescript and austere object is the 2011 Diago Mini Pump from SKS Germany.

SKS has released its 2011 product, from bottle cage adapters to full fenders. Tyler got a chance to check out some of this stuff firsthand back at Interbike, but now we have all the details, as we shall see…after the break.

All descriptions are directly from the SKS website.

The premium polyamide material strengthened by fiberglass particles our bottle cages are made of combines low weight with high impact resistance. As the name Slidecage already implies the bottle can be slid in/off from the top as well as from the side of the cage. The modular cage construction allows either right-hand or left-hand bottle insertion.

MSRP – $7.99

Weight: 49g

Using the same technology of the SlideCage but for front bottle insertion and featuring a bottle size adjustment nose the Topcage delivers great performance and fits to all plastic drinking bottles.

MSRP – $5.99

Weight: 53g

The SKS RACE BAG XS can easily be attached to the saddle rails with no tools. A separate
compartment inside for a multi tool and water resistant material ensure all items are protected.
Other features: attachment loop for safety light and reflective piping.

MSRP – ?

Measurements: 110 x 77  x 86 mm

The SKS bottle holder adapter can be attached to the seat post, the stem or about anywhere with this adjustable, well-proven SKS quick-release mount system. The angle adjustment ensures that the bottle is always optimally aligned.

MSRP – $9.99

Drinking Bottle
750 ml
MSRP – $999,000,000 (Just seeing if you were paying attention)

Ultra light snap-on front mudguard with cool, stealthy appearance. The DASHBOARD is compatible
with most suspension forks. Adapter available for Cannodale’s Headshock and rigid

Rim: 26
Weight: 104 g

MSRP – $24.99

The simple quick-release fastening with power strap enables a tight connection to all seat
posts and most frames. The DASHBLADE features angular adjustment for the perfect coverage.
Due to its cool stealthy design DASHBLADE and DASHBOARD is a matching pair.

MSRP – $19.99

No matter where you are, in the city, the woods or the field, the SKS Velo 42 Urban is the ideal companion
to keep you dirt-free and dry. The 28” snap-on mudguard set can be mounted to frame
tubes of 25 to 35 mm diameter. For an extra secure mounting of the rear mudguard we also
offer a Ø 3,4 mm stainless steel U-stay as optional accessory.

MSRP: $19.99 OR $24.99 with u-stay option

Bluemels Matt

Mudguard set for front and rear:
– 42, 45 and 53 mm with SPB without fixed bridges
– 3 mm stainless steel stays
– front angle, sliding bridges and fixed bridges (only 35 mm and 60 mm) made from stainless steel
– security fastening ASR joint, angle adjustable
– Limited Edition

MSRP – ?

section: 35 mm
rim: 27
tire: 700×20-28
color: black
fastening: front: ASR Clip

The third generation of our best seller. WESE is a high pressure pump developed especially for road cycling. The pump head fits Presta/Sclaverand valves and is protected from dirt and water.

MSRP $18.99

144 psi

MSP (Mountain Suspension Pump) is a must in every bike backpack. The flexible steel mesh
hose unscrews from the pump barrel for compact travel. The valve connection is made with a
new 2-stage thread connector, making it possible to screw on and off without loss of pressure.
Pressure reduction dial allows you to reach exactly the desired value.

MSRP $54.99

valve: Schrader
ouput max: 20 Bar
weight: 154 g

VX is an extra light composite frame pump with dual head for all valves. High volume per
stroke. Frame clamp clip-on.

MSRP – ?

valve: Schrader, Presta, Dunlop
length: 345 – 395 mm
ouput max: 8 Bar
weight: 98 g

A further development of a SKS classic. The AIRCHAMP PRO is a CO2 inflator offering easy
single-hand operation with excellent dosing. The lock prevents unintended triggering. The reversible
valve insert allows use with Presta/Schrader/Dunlop valve connections. AIRCHAMP
PRO is suitable for both 16g unthreaded and threaded cartridges. Includes mount for under
bottle cage and a 16g CO2 cartrige.

MSRP $19.99

valve: AV, SV ,DV
length: 150 mm
weight: 120 g

The streamlined SKS DIAGO mini pump combines design and function. The use of high quality materials bestows the DIAGO a classy look. The handle lock ensures the pump fits securely in the frame mount. This high-performance pump reaches 10bar/144psi and is the perfect companion for road bike enthusiasts.

MSRP $21.99

valve: Presta/Sclaverand
length: 240 mm
ouput max: 10 Bar / 144 PSI
weight: 109g
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very nice.

13 years ago

>> MSRP – $999,000,000
we read attentively, yeah! =)

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