There’s been a lot of fuss over the past few weeks about team line-ups and so on, and not more so than yesterday when Leopard-Trek, the team built around O’Grady, Cancellara, Voigt and the Schlecks, was officially unveiled.
One thing that hasn’t set the interwebz on fire, though, are the revamped 2011 kits.

Unimaginative, is most people’s verdict, but the homogeneity will also make life difficult for cycling fans. In bad weather, or from certain wide angles, who’s to tell Sky (black with a blue band and white highlights) from Garmin-Cervélo (black with a white band and blue highlights), or, indeed, Leopard-Trek (black with a blue band and white belly)?

It’s led @leguape of the Chasing Wheels blog to create a loose ‘artist’s impression’ of the pro peloton from one of the soaring helicopter shots that the Tour de France loves so much. Yes, this summer’s scenes may look less like Frogger, but, depressingly for commentators and those who have to listen to them, it’s going to be a problem…

Used with permission - click through for full info.


  1. Somehow the Leopard kit works, clean & simple (albeit, I think they should pay Assos a royalty)
    …Yet the new Garmin kit looks like the designer phoned it in… nothing wrong, but nothing right with it either.

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