That’s right, I was just out riding around in the high desert here in Somerville, Massachusetts, in January, on my Magna, when I saw this crazy thing. I was all like “Dude! That is SICK! Is that a 29er?” And the guy riding it said “Ya bro, it’s not just a 29er, it’s a Niner. In fact bro, it’s a Prototype Niner Air 9 Carbon.” And I was like “Sweet! What is it made out of, titanium?” And he was like “No ya Barney, it’s made out of carbon fiber.” Then I was like “What’s a Barney?” And he’s like “It’s like Barno… Barnyard… a haole to the max, a kook on and off the trails” So I was all “Awesome!”

Then I was like “So ya, cool, what kind of killer components you got on that biz-zad biz-zoy dog?” And he goes “Well bro, it’s got Rotor cranks, a Niner Cogalicious Cog, Ergon International grips, Stans NoTubes Race rims. It’s also got a Flat Top 9 Bar, WTB tires and saddle, Formula R1 Brakes, Crank Brothers pedals, a Thomson Stem and a SRAM chain.” I was impressed. I don’t have any of that stuff on my Magna, so I was like “Dude, seriously dude, you are like a knowing-stuff-about-bicycles wizard. How do you know about all that stuff dude?” And then, literally, this is what he says to me “I’m Brett Rosenbauer, Head of Sales for Niner Bikes.”

And I go “Aw no way dude, that is sweet! Y’know what? You should tell those guys at Niner to make bikes with more shock absorbers…like my Magna.”


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