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Ergon SR Tri Series is Squarely For Power Production

Ergon SR Tri Series full line
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Ergon is blasting into the Triathlon market with a forward (and mid) thinking saddle. The all-new SR Tri series is Ergon’s first triathlon-focused saddle, and they called in the big guns to make sure they got it right the first time. 

The Ergon SR Tri saddle series aims for maximum performance and comfort. The Ergon team developed the new saddle with Olympic, three-time Ironman World Champion Jan Frodeno and two-time Ironman European Champion Laura Philipp.

What is it? Ergon SR Tri Series for Triathletes

Photo: Villella

After many (many) miles of research rides, pressure mapping, and fit data, the team coined the Power Position Concept. Dividing all athletes into front or mid-seat types. I gravitate to the nose of the saddle no matter what the fit. The improvements (via Ergon research) showed less muscle fatigue, translating to better bike performance and a faster run time. 

Ergon SR Tri Series pressure mapping power positioning
Image: Ergon

The Ergon SR Tri Series introduces four saddles with the Power Position system, all dividing athletes into two sitting positions—front and mid sitters.

Ergon SR Tri Series mens full
Men’s Mid (left) and Men’s Front (right) position saddles. Photo: Cory Benson

The overall idea is to reduce (or evenly distribute) the pressure between the rider and the saddle in the aero position. The design allows riders to make subtle changes while in the aero position.  This shaping allows for more evenly distributed pressure over longer rides and reduces muscle fatigue and discomfort.

The Power Position System

Ergon foregoes saddle widths and went purely for sit preference. The team deems the saddle width conversation “irrelevant in an aero position” because of the pelvic tilt and position of the rider in the TT position. 

The SR Tri Men Front and SR Tri Women Front saddles are designed for riders who significantly tilt their pelvis forward, while the SR Tri Mid saddles are for athletes with less forward pelvis tilt. The concept is similar to other manufacturers; Fizik comes to mind with the Bull, Chameleon, and Snake spine concepts. 

Men’s & Women’s Specific Designs

Ergon SR Tri Series womens
Photo: Cory Benson

Ergon takes Ergonomics seriously—it’s part of its name. The design team felt the new SR Tri saddles needed a gender-specific design. The saddles are ergonomically adapted to male and female anatomy, giving more or less padding where the saddle hits in an aero position. 

Ergon SR Tri Series womens full line
Men’s Mid (left) and Women’s Mid (right) version of the Ergon SR Tri saddle. Photo: Cory Benson

The SR Tri saddles feature pressure-relieving Orthopedic Comfort Foam for maximum long-distance comfort, reducing genital numbness and creating homogenous pressure distribution. The SR Tri Women models incorporate 3D-printed inserts in the relief channel’s forward area, enhancing female athletes’ comfort.

From the Seat to the Feet

Ergon SR Tri Series mens mid
Photo: Cory Benson

The compact saddle shapes of the SR Tri series allow for improved ergonomics when pedaling, and an open hip angle. This design helps promote efficient energy use for more power and endurance, especially when prepping for the run transition. 

Key Features – Ergon SR Tri

  • Ergonomic optimization tailored to male and female anatomy in an aggressive aero position with a more tilted pelvis.
  • Ergon Orthopedic Comfort Foam for maximum performance over long distances.
  • TiNox rails for reduced weight and vibration absorption.
  • 3D printed insert in both Women’s saddles for enhanced support and comfort.
  • Reduced back fatigue and improved pedaling ergonomics.
  • Improved transition to running through dynamic sitting and optimized pedaling ergonomics.
  • Made in Europe

Ergon SR Tri Men Saddle Details

  • Saddle Nose Width: Front 53mm, Mid 48mm.
  • Length: Front 240mm, Mid 232mm.
  • Weight: Front: 220g, Mid 205g.
  • Pricing: $249.95, €249.95, £224.99.

Ergon SR Tri Women Details

Ergon SR Tri Series womens mid
The Ergon SR Tri Womens Mid weight. Photos: Cory Benson
  • Saddle Nose Width: Front 54mm, Mid 49mm.
  • Length: Front 240mm, Mid 233mm.
  • Weight: Front 215g, Mid 230g.
  • Pricing: $249.95, €249.95, £224.99.

First Ride Impressions – Ergon SR Tri saddle

Photo: Villella

The Ergon SR Tri samples arrived early enough for a ride and some brief impressions. We saw the saddle at Sea Otter Classic, under veiled booth access, which made it an excellent lure and aroused my curiosity. 

From looking at it in the package, the Ergon SR Tri appears to be a short-nosed, highly padded saddle. Once you move the saddle around in your hand and examine the side profile, you notice a unique shape in the nose and mid. This slight hump in the middle of the saddle is more pronounced on the mid but is still there on the front sitter saddle option. 

Ample Padding and Height

Ergon SR Tri Series mens mid side
Ergon SR Tri side profile Mid version, note the slight bump in the middle. Photo: Cory Benson

After weighing (242g for mid) and examining each Ergon SR Tri saddle – I landed on the Mid as my first ride. The nose of the saddle is slightly narrower than the front by about 5mm. This 48mm nose mimics the PRO Stealth I switched from. 

The padding on the Ergon SR Tri is plentiful, to say the least. It reminds me of the Wove saddle options we recently reviewed. The tall padding also allows for some independent movement and lots of support. 

Ergon SR Tri Series mens side
Ergon SR Tri side profile front version Photo: Cory Benson

Rail-wise, the Ergon SR Tri offers a large range of fore-aft adjustments. I found myself slammed slightly forward to get the position I wanted. Granted, this initial test ride was on my road bike, not a TT rig—yet. 

Power Production

Ergon SR Tri Series full line sitting
Photo: Cory Benson

Pedaling and riding-wise, the SR Tri offers many of the same sensations you’d expect from a TT and Tri-focused saddle. The pelvis feels the best when tilted forward, and the saddle “feels” like it is pushing into a more tucked position. 

I appreciated the padding and the slight hump in the middle of the saddle. The hump kept my hips in position. I can see this help riders dial in pelvis tilt desired, acting more like a hinge and a pivot point. 

Power-wise, I felt comfortable, and the sensation of an open hip and hip movement was quickly noted. It felt very similar to the sensation of the Wove saddle (with less support), and I could see the benefit when in the TT/Tri position. 

The saddle material feels standard to what Ergon offers but with a slightly more tactical feel. This grippier cover (when compared with most) keeps the rider in the power position without slipping or migrating from their optimum position. However, the Ergon SR Tri allows slight micro-adjustments when riding tucked and locked in. Adjustments are something that I find hard to perform on other aero-focused saddles, mainly when lots of pelvic pressure is applied. 

Full Review Coming Soon

Look for a full review with help from our TT and Tri friends. Until then, I have to say my impressions of the Ergon SR Tri (mid) were very favorable. I still need some more time to give a full review, but as of now, I enjoyed my time in the saddle. 

If you’re looking to purchase an Ergon SR Tri, they are available for purchase at:


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