Liz Hatch – Every Single Piece… from Dovydas Augaitis on Vimeo.

One night, years ago, I went to see a stand-up-comedian-friend perform at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square, a dark, little club above the Hong Kong restaurant. Unbeknownst to, well…anyone, great Boston comic Steven Wright was, as my grandmother says, “in the hiz-ouse” that night. Wright was there to try out some material for his upcoming show at the Wang Center (or some other big venue that may or may not have been named after a euphemism for a part of the male anatomy). One memorable joke went like this:

“My buddy just got an ADHDTV. You can’t watch anything for too long on it, but whatever you do watch is really intense.”

And that’s sort of what this video is like: it’s short, I have no idea what the hell is going on, but it’s REALLY intense.

The video shows professional cyclist Liz Hatch riding around wicked fast on her Pinarello without a helmet on (because apparently brain injury only happens in real life; not in art). Then the animated skeletons from The 7th Voyage of Sinbad appear out of nowhere (looking like a bunch Fat Michael Rasmussens), hop onto Trek Madones and give chase. Luckily Liz is able to blow them all to smithereens with a devastating blast from her Wave-Wattage-Gun.

I suppose there are worse ways to go.


  1. I’m hoping for a follow up where she rides a fixie aimlessly around town for a while and then uses her u-lock to zap a parking meter that has turned into a giant, hissing cobra.

  2. I will not get those 3 minutes of my life back. I could have been looking at something worthy of that time, like kittens falling down a slide.

  3. At first, I’m thinkin’ “I really don’t get the point of this video, are they selling bikes or liz hatch?”, then I thought “who the fuck cares, anytime liz hatch wraps her legs around something, I’m interested”.

  4. Nick: Sorry dude but there is something wrong with a women who aspires to be the Anna Kournikova of bike racing….so many other worthy woman bike racers out there.

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