If you are a millionaire rap star (who rides a 56cm bike frame), here is the perfect bike for you. Rapper Pharrell Williams collaborated with Domeau & Pérès to create a custom Brooklyn Machine Works frame and fork completely upholstered in leather, all hand stitched.

More pictures and where to buy after the break.

These beauties are being sold by the Gagosian Gallery for a cool €20,000 ($27,194 as of this posting).

Once you pick your color, you don’t have to worry about copycats, only one in each color will be produced. Get yours now before some other 56cm-riding millionaire rap star snatches up your color!

That's some impressive stitching.

(via Arrested Motion)


  1. Kovas on

    Um… yeah. Ditto Spencer.

    $27 G’s!, water buffalo leather!… yeah, completely defeats the whole purpose of an urban fixie.
    Then again, can’t blame him… Pharrell openly admits, “I’m not a biker…” check it:

  2. jonah on

    This is what a bike in the cost bracket is spec’d with?
    look at the wheels, crank set, and the chain, if you are going to make an awesome fixie put some better stuff on it. My LBS doesn’t stock much track stuff but i know they have better looking and preforming stuff than this. IMO the F1 road bike is a much more bang for my buck when we get to this price point,.
    Also why is he on a 56? the saddle is slammed way forward and way down and the stem is pretty short, and for that matter thread less.
    Nice heartless fixie Bro, bike has no character.

  3. Gillis on

    First, this is totally over the top. 27g is ridiculous.

    Second, I have to say that it looks kinda rad. I really like the way the fork crown was done up.

    I mean this is truly original work here. You know if this showed up at NAHMBS from some regular builder it would win best in show. But because its a bazillion dollars, and being hyped the way it is people are gonna slam it.

  4. Matt wittler on

    Seriously dorky, but sweet none the less! I have 2 bikes that are either super orig or serial number 1. Proud of both, not 27k proud!!!! Keep rappin and slangin dem verbs?

  5. K Bake on

    People on BIkerumor must have had a healthy dose of Haterade this morning. You would think that rappers are modest people according to these post.

  6. Slow Joe Crow on

    Bike Snob will have a field day with this. For maximum wacky points hook up with the Russian nut job car company Dartz and get some of the whale p***s leather they were going to upholster an SUV with and use that to cover your over hyped frame.

  7. bigringer on

    Unbeliveably ridiculous. It can only exist as art and there are far more beautiful bikes out there. Just check out Hetchins, Keith Anderson, Kuota, Crumpton, Calfee, heck, even trek!

  8. bataivah on

    The stitches on the hand grips are right where you put your palms! Hang it on the wall of the rec room!
    Could of fed a number of hungry families for that hunk of crap. What a waste.

  9. IdeaStormer Jorge on

    I like how everyone complains about the price but if they were assigned to make it they’d sell it for $10 right? Or Free! I mean it really would never see a day on the road so its worthless.


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