It’s always nice to find a well thought-out and well-made part that offers a little something extra without costing any more than the competition.  Last fall, I ran into the guys from Vancouver’s North Short Billet at Interbike, where their CNC-machined hydraulic hose holders caught my eye.  A few weeks later, a package arrived with a handful of the company’s mainstay product:  CNC’d disc brake adapters.

Available in every concievable mounting combination and four anodized colors (black, pewter (pictured), red, and gold), NSB’s adapters don’t work any differently than most others on the market- but they certainly are better looking than most.  At about $26 apiece, they’re a little more expensive than Magura and Shimano adapters- but about the same as Formula.  For something made in North America, that’s impressive.  Click on for ‘more‘ pictures and links…

The 180mm front post mount adapter includes the required low-profile bolt…

…and is itself lower profile than most.

The rear 160mm IS adapter is similarly low profile and nicely detailed.

For the money, it’s hard to argue with NSB’s adapters.  They do the same job as everyone else’s- but look a whole lot nicer doing it.  Plus, they get bonus points for supporting small business and North American manufacturing.   What’s not to like?



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