One of the easiest ways to keep your drivetrain in good working order is to keep it CLEAN. Every particle of dirt that gets in your drivetrain has the potential to ruin a lot of rather expensive things, so it’s important to practice regular maintenance.

But cleaning a drivetrain is a tedious process. Grease is often the biggest obstacle, and the old soap and water standby usually doesn’t do much but smear dirty grease around your bike. It usually takes a toothbrush, some degreaser, and lots of patience to get the bike clean, but Motorex’s “Easy Clean” degreaser may mean an end to all this.

I like products that do what they say, and ‘Easy Clean’ definitely falls into this category. It was love at first spray as I squirted some onto my front chainring, and watched as the grease seemed to melt away, leaving no residue and requiring no wiping, scrubbing, or toothbrush. This stuff is STRONG (it should also be noted that it’s biodegradable as well.) I was able to get both my front chainrings and two rear cassettes completely clean using only the can and included plastic nozzle. The degreaser comes in an aerosol can, and there was enough pressure coming out of the can to blast dirty grease off without any help.

Getting chains clean required a toothbrush and rag, but it was a painless process. Again, the aerosol spray was enough to get most of the grime off, and just a few passes with a toothbrush cleared anything left inside the links. A quick wipe down with a rag after letting all the degreaser drip off had the chain looking like I never thought it would again; I haven’t seen any of my chains looking this good since I first put them on.

While it did a great job of cleaning grease, dirt was another story. Now, it doesn’t claim to clean dirt, but it’s important to note that if you have mud caked on top of components, it will need to be cleared away before Easy Clean can do its magic. A quick spray from a hose or power washer should be plenty to get parts primed for Easy Clean to finish the job. Just remember, this is a finisher, and not an all-in-one cleaning solution.

Easy Clean is a great chain cleaner, but what really sets it apart is its ease of use. Cleaning chainrings and cassettes can’t be any easier, and Easy Clean makes chain cleaning somewhat bearable. It’s a simple, quick cleaning solution great for keeping fresh grease/lube on your drivetrain.

Motorex is only available at a retail level through local shops, so check their list of dealers, or look around for online outlets that stock the products.


  1. Androo on

    Fer what it’s worth, using a power-washer on drivetrain stuff is generally not recommended, at least if you’re pointing it anywhere near hubs or bottom-brackets. Most bearings are somewhat environmentally sealed, but not from pressurized water, so you can reduce the life of these bits considerably.

  2. Astrostrike on

    I always if these type of decrease is good for the drivetrain material in the long term, isn’t it too abrasive? What about the effect on the carbon frame on the long run? Apart from that I muss say that Motorex products are usually really good.


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