Garrett Reeves In OSS “Football” from On Some Shit on Vimeo.

A little while back I posted the Mutiny Bikes Dallas/Fort Worth TX video and asked BR readers if they knew of any BMX videos that come close to or surpass the mark that this video has set. One reader, who goes by the name “Jawn Doe” (for some reason I don’t think that’s his real name), suggested the video above might do just that. It’s a lot more raw production-quality-wise, but what it lacks in slickness, it makes up for in…sickness. (That’s right, I said it.) At 2:04-ish, there’s a very MacAskill moment and the sheer hugeness of the 360° at about 3:10…we’re talkin’ freeride bike huge or snowboard huge, or, as Donald Trump would say, “yuge…YUGE.”

My only complaint? The soundtrack. Fleetwood Mac makes me slightly nauseous, but that’s just personal preference. I remedied that by turning down the sound on the video and queuing up The Stooges “Down On The Street,” effectively making the video 85% more awesome.

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