We’ve all been there:  blowing out the cobwebs on our favorite trail for the first time all year, high on the scents of spring- only to be stopped dead by a chi-blocking blowdown.  Different riding communities and land managers deal with blowdowns differently, but in our neck of the woods, the Forest Service is happy to have all the help that they can get.  Last spring, I stopped at Lowe’s on the way to a ride and picked up a $28 (street price ~$20) “Corona Clipper 10-inch Curved Blade Folding Razor Tooth Saw”- or RS-7265. I can’t claim that it was an educated purchase or that the 4.7-star review on Amazon had anything to do with it- the saw looked nice enough and the size and price were right.  After over a year’s use, I am regularly blown away by this little saw and carry it along for all of my early-season riding.  Read on to find out why…

Given that most our blowdowns are pine trees killed dead by bark beetles, most of the trees that I’ve attacked with the Corona Clipper haven’t been made of the hardest stuff.  Still, it’s amazing how fast this saw goes through 4-8 inch trunks.  Though probably unwise and unadvisable, a number of 12 and 14 inch trees have fallen to the little red saw.

Not significantly larger when collapsed than most mini pumps, the Corona slides easily in to my pack and has yet to catch on anything else inside.  The fairly thin blade and lightweight plastic handle mean that it’s not really felt on the back- and both have held up much better than I expected over the past 12 months.  The blade’s cutting ability hardly seems diminished either- though replacements are available from the company.

As always, use common sense when cutting fallen trees- especially if they’re suspended at either end.  Do not cut living trees or build ‘features’ without the explicit permission of the land manager.  Remember to use appropriate protective gear while you’re at it.  Your fellow trail users may not (and probably should not) notice your handiwork- but you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and get a much-needed upper body workout- and everyone will benefit from uninterrupted flow on their favorite trails…




  1. dgaddis on

    I have one of these saws, and it is awesome, well worth the money.

    You can find a similar saw, only a little shorter, at Harbor Freight for only $6! I had one of those for a while, and it worked great as well, but then I lost it.

  2. Keith on

    I have the same saw and it does work great until the blade gets bent. If you are careful not to bend the blade while cutting, then it should last a long time.


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