It’s recently been announced that the UCI will be flying in select media to its Aigle, Switzerland headquarters for an intimate Q&A session regarding the UCI’s new Sticker program. While there, journalists will get the run down on the new “approved by UCI” program from Julien Carron, the UCI’s technical coordinator and will also take part in a presentation from UCI president, Pat McQuaid.

This all comes less than 2 months after McQuaid came forward to VeloNews, after meeting with Johan Bruyneel regarding the ban of race radios, and the tension developing between the UCI and select pro tour teams, including Bruyneel’s. During McQuaid’s talk with VeloNews, Mcquaid accused the leaders of the so called “breakaway league” of attempting to create a separate pro riding organization to sidestep the UCI.

While exact details haven’t surfaced to confirm McQuaid’s assumptions, the UCI seems to be taking no chances with a prompt PR move to answer any of the media’s questions.

This should be interesting.


  1. alloycowboy on

    The UCI needs to evolve or die. The very fact that road bikes don’t have disc brakes in 2011 is proof enough of that…..

  2. Robin on

    If enough people clamored for disc brakes on road bikes, the manufacturers would sell ’em that way. Simple. As hugely imperfect as the UCI is, they’re far from the only thing affecting product innovation.

  3. Paul Rivers on

    Lol, personally I don’t know if I want it to go the other way where all road bikes have disc brakes. Disc brakes are nicer in the rain. But I own 2 bikes with disc brakes – a full suspension mountain bike and a rigid mountain bike with an IGH for winter riding, and both have disc brakes. They do work better in the rain, though not a ton more since I got the Koolstop Salmon pads for my road bikes. Disc brakes don’t seem to provide any more stopping power with a skinny tire.

    But they add some annoying hassle. When the disc brake gets wet – on both bikes – and I hit the brakes the break will often sqeal – loudly. Not all the time, but enough that it’s pretty damn annoying. And when I change the tires so I have to take the wheel off and put it back on again the brake pad always ends up rubbing a little. It doesn’t have the huge effects like a pad rubbing on a road bike does, but it’s annoying. And of course putting the wheel back on is slightly more annoying because the disc has to go into the very small gap on the brake.

    I’m just saying…right now I wouldn’t buy disc brakes on my commuter bike. With a skinny tire they’re not a huge benefit, but they are more hassle.


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