2012 Specialized pro-level downhill mountain bike dh flat pedal with patent pending needle bearing tech

Specialized used Crankworx to launch a few new downhill items, the first of which is this as yet unnamed (leave your ideas in the comments, Specialized is listening…) pro-level downhill flat pedal.

The new pedal is stacked with tons of pins, a solid body and super low profile. Jason Chamberlain, Specialized’s design engineer that designed the Demo, Status and most of the Stumpjumpers, Enduros, etc., said the outside surfaces were left solid to take abuse, help it slide off rocks and help your foot slide up. The section that mounts up against the crank is massive, putting a sloped section that guides the foot onto the pedal when slid along the crank arm. And that’s just the obvious stuff…jump past the break for the really slick (and patent pending) new features…

2012 Specialized pro-level downhill mountain bike dh flat pedal with patent pending needle bearing tech

Four spare pins can be stored on the inside edge next to the spindle, and any broken pins are simply removed with a #4 hex wrench.

The spindle tapers from 15mm at the crankarm with a standard cartridge bearing to a 6mm diameter at the end that floats on two sets of needle bearings. The dimensions are common, but there are no threads at the outer end or stepdowns in the shape, both of which can weaken it. The spindle’s taper is completely smooth from end to end. The design is patent pending.

Since there are no threads on the outer end of the spindle, it’s held in via the large spanner bold that surrounds the spindle at the crankarm, which also holds the cartridge bearing in place.

The patent pending part is the needle bearing sleeve. Held in place by two pins (one from either side), it serves as both part of the pedal’s platform and the outer body of the bearings. It holds two sets of needle bearings, and the spindle slides into it. This allows them to keep the platform thinner without compromising strength. The center section of the flats is just 10mm thick, ramping to about 15mm at the ends.

The pedal body is solid forged 7075 aluminum alloy. Chamberlain says a magnesium version is coming, and XC model is likely with much more CNC and a ti spindle to easily come in under 400g. They’ll also probably do titanium pins for their team since there are so many that the pin weight adds up, and they’ve got their Monster Energy team riders testing some pins that were about 3x taller than what’s shown here.

It’s strictly aftermarket, should hit this fall. Price TBD. Weight is about 510g, not meant to be the lightest pedal, meant for DH.

The stock pedals come with 11 pins per side (22 per pedal) plus washers for each so you can lower the height of some or all of the pins to suit your style.


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  2. Talaria (from wikipedia): “Talaria (Greek: ???????????) are winged sandals, a symbol of the Greek Messenger God Hermes (Roman equivalent Mercury). They were said to be made by the god Hephaestus of imperishable gold and they flew the god as swift as any bird. The name is from the Latin talaria, neuter plural of talaris, ‘of the ankle.'”

    Also, Hephaestus was (is?) the god of metal. blacksmithing, arisans, and almost anything else related to metals and fire. . . this works on so many levels. . .

  3. Call it: The SOLE MATE A play on words from soul mate, describing two people (in this case, things) meant to be together and also describing the bond between the sole of the shoe and the pedal. Specialized…you’re welcome, I’ll take a set in black.

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