Photo submitted by Michael Wilkinson

Big congrats to Cadel Evans, it’s about time! XOXO Bikerumor

For a more modern take, jump past the break.

cadel evans wins the 2011 tour de france, finally

Cadel Evans in the final stage of the 2011 Tour de France. Photo: VeloNews.


  1. Spetacular! It’s really about time. A long time pursuing his dream, without fall in the trap of doping. Big congrats to you Cadel!!!

  2. Oh yeah! It’s good to see him win the tour! I remember Cadel at the end of the 90’s with Volvo Cannondale…. Versatile cyclist!

  3. Nice shot, old skool! 🙂

    I loved the way cadel jumped the speedbumps aboard his scary time trail bike saturday. Does anybody happen to have a video of that?

  4. Today, you could probably find a bike and helmet very similar looking to the ones Cadel is on at Walmart.
    How bikes have changed over time.

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