2012 Geax AKA Pluma is worlds lightest knobby mountain bike tire

Weight weenies and show bike  builders rejoice, Geax now has what they claim is the “world’s lightest knobby mountain bike tire.” Sure the knobs are small. And, yes, Geax’s guys even said it’s a bit of a gimmick. But, it is in fact a production tire that’s designed for actual use. Weight is 295g for a 26×1.8, the only size available. It uses their standard MTB compound on a 220tpi casing derived from their road tires. It’s meant for dry, hardpack and race days only.

For regular riding, they’ve also got some new road and Cyclocross (both from Vittoria, ctually) and mountain bike tires. Click thru to see ’em…

2012 Geax AKA Pluma is worlds lightest knobby mountain bike tire

The Pluma’s tread pattern from the top. The side knobs are actually reasonably tall for this type of tire.

2012 Geax Diamante Pro road bike tire

The Vittoria Diamante Pro gets a new tread pattern that looks to be good for wet weather racing.

2012 Geax team prototype cyclocross tire

Their new Team Prototype cyclocross tire gets the TNT (Tube No Tube) treatment, letting you run it tubeless if you like. We think you will like. The tread pattern is from their Cross XG series.

2012 Geax mezcal 29er mountain bike tire and evolution 29er commuter urban tire

For 29er fans, the semi-slick, low profile treaded Mezcal gets a 29×2.1 size. It’s available in TNT, folding and standard casings.

The Evolution also gets its first 29″ size (1.9 width). It’s designed as an urban commuter tire with a puncture resistant casing and compound.


  1. Bryan on

    Am I missing something? The Maxxis MaxxLite 295 (26×2.0) has been available for quite some time now, and the weight is guaranteed to be 285 grams or less. There’s also the 29er version (MaxxLite 29) at 345g.

  2. yesplease on

    Geax is claiming the lightest tire ever, not bike rumor. They are just relaying what they were told. It makes Geax look more silly as I am sure they made signs…….

  3. Axe on

    Those ultra-low know tires actually work just fine for a bike that sees road and fireroad use only. PLenty of riding like that.

    I got a few 2.25 Fast Fred semislicks some time ago, and they serve me great on a bike I use when riding with my kids.


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