2012 Niner Bikes teaser new 29er mountain bike

Because I’m such a fanboy, as several of our readers have pointed out, we’ll get an exclusive first look at whatever Niner has up their sleeves for Eurobike this Wednesday. Until then, stare at this and speculate…


  1. cross bike. Looks like a flat spot under the top tube for shouldering. After all, cross bikes still technically have 29in wheels 😉

  2. Interesting. Welds look too beefy for Stainless or Ti. Must be some sort of scandium/aluminum geared hardtail. The cable routing is interesting, and odd that they chose to focus on that bit for the teaser, they don’t route their cables that way on any of their existing frames. I wonder if its some sort of Niner great divide ultra-endurance rig that has moved the cables on the sides to maximize space for frame bags and bottles.

  3. Oh yeah, and the flat spot for inevitable hike a bike sections. This could be the result of some feedback from Deejay Birch completing the TDR this year.

  4. cable guide on the seat stay is on the bottom, current frames are on the top of the seatstay…divide rig maybe, but I would think you would want full length cable housing ……fun to guess!

  5. There’s no way that bike isn’t scandium or aluminum with that weld. If they are putting out a Ti or stainless bike with welds like that, RUN.

  6. ^ Yup!

    Seeing as Niner doesn’t have a Ti bike in their lineup, I am going to assume they aren’t going to start with a Tandem. Could be a CX bike, I think one of their sponsored riders, Slyler, is also on the world CX scene. Although I think the angles (could be the photo) look unusual for a CX bike. CX seems like a natural progressing, but not really a 29er anymore. Soon they will be making road bikes if that’s the case.

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