Speedsleev gel tool and food holder provides quick access on your road triathlon and mountain bikes

The SpeedSleev is a new gel, food or tool retention system from SpeedFeed that holds gels, bars or whatever securely on your bike. It’s light, easy to use and works. Not much else to say, really, but there are more words, photos and video after the break if you want ’em…

Speedsleev gel tool and food holder provides quick access on your road triathlon and mountain bikes

Installation takes seconds and it’s stayed put. I had two gels stacked on top of each other and was able to easily pull one out without the other gel budging. The grippy part on one side keeps things in place, and the stretchy overwrap holds it tight while still allowing you to easily pull stuff out without undoing it.

I put mine on the top tube of my road bike and it stayed out of the way and stayed put. It hasn’t slipped or moved since installation.

But wait, there’s more! It slices, dices…


  1. Guys, if you message me I would be happy to sell you my new invention, its called electrical tape, and you can buy it from me for $30 a roll.

    I also have colors for $10 more.

  2. Ah, but electrical tape doesn’t allow you to conveniently pull out what it’s holding. That whole adhesive thing keeps the energy bar……er…..stuck. Electrical tape does leave a sweet residue when temps are high here in the Sonoran Desert. Scotch tape might be a good compromise.

  3. Backcountry Research called….they want their Awesome Strap back.

    Seriously tho, been done and done better for years now by BR. Google them and check them out.

  4. Ryan,

    Fast Strap called. They want their Ski Strap back from BR. Every product serves a unique purpose. If it fits your purpose great, if not get something that does a stop wasting space. This product seems like a good device for what they sell them for. Based on what Tyler says, try pulling a gel out of a BR AS or electrical tape and have the other things stay in position.

  5. This product is about as silly as a seat bag, bottle cage, blinking light or any other inexpensive accessory that enhances your ride.

    It was simply invented for mountain bike racing so I could take on fuel faster and not loose time on rocky East coast single track, and it works. I kept getting asked by other racers (beginers as well as pro’s) where they could get one and how much, so we made more and now people can buy them.


  6. Actually looks like a great idea. I am tired of reaching into a back pocket to grab a packet of gel or bar, and if you think $19 is too much, pedal your huffy with your electrical tape straps on a search for a new job so you can get one!!

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