Vredestein had new 29er tires for three of their tread patterns showing at Eurobike, some with names that may or may not fly across the pond. Continental had a new race-ready TT tire, more sizes for their 29er offerings and an array of updates to their commuter rubber. Check it out…

Above and below is the Spotted Cat from Vredestein. The 29er tread pattern seems to be a slight bit more tightly spaced than the 26″ versions next to it.

Their Black Panther gets a new 29er size. That solid rolling central tread block not enough for ya? Go Extreme:

Continental’s new GrandPrix TT is a 180g limited edition made just for competition because it’s super light at the expense of longevity. €60, only in 23mm.

New 29er sizes and variants for 2012 include:

  • Rubber Queen 2.2
  • Mountain King 2.2 ProTection
  • X-King gets new RaceSport 2.2

The Race King stays the same. Mountain King and X-King are now made in Germany rather than India.

From left to right: TopContact is now made in Germany and has a new design that works with e-bikes and pedelecs. 37, 42 and 47 widths. The CruiseContact cruiser tire also works with e-bikes. Massive 50 width, available in 26″ and 28″. The RetroRIDE uses the same dimensions as CruiseContact but comes in brown and cream.


  1. alloycowboy on

    Wow, what a “wild” idea giving each tire its own distingushing name. I sure wish all manufacters did that as it makes it lot easier to purchase tires. Merci beaucoup!


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