Freedom by WTB has a range of new commuter products, including the new Cruz 29er fat slick

The Aon Deluxe wheels are called road race wheels, but with 28 spokes and 3x lacing rear, they’re burly enough for commuting. Front is radial laced, weight is 1,714g, spokes are bladed and they use cup and cone bearings for smooth rolling and easy service. Cassette body is chiseled out a bit, too, which is pretty trick for a $315 wheelset.

Grips (new ones on the left) are super tacky rubber with reflective sides to improve visibility and dual lock rings.


The new Aon and Connect men’s and women’s saddles have a central groove and padding appropriate for casual riders without being monstrous granny seats. All retail for $34.


Origin8 has a new fat bike called the Crawler with a Nuvinci 360 internally geared hub and disc brakes. Custom drawn tubing with a hydroformed downtube and their Devist8er tires for $1,450. The tires will be valuable separately in both wire and Kevlar bead for about $40-$60.


Need bike art? Check out artcrank.com.


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