Thule has a range of new bike transport options for the top and back of your car.

Gate Mate is their new truck bed pad for laying DH bikes over. It has thick padding and a felt back with Knock Blocks on either end to keep bikes on it. There’s a strap running length wise to bungie the frames to for a little extra security. It retails for $100 and comes in 54″ and 62″ widths. There’s an access hatch for the tailgate handle.


New AeroBlade roof bars are $149 for a pair and hook into their Aero Footpack mounts. They’re slotted T-Track low profile mounts or work with the newer style Speedlink mounts or any other universal carrier mount. Available in 43″, 47″, 53″ and 60″.


Apex Swing hitch rack introduces a totally design along with a new hitch entry and locking system that will move onto their other high end racks soon. it has an Auto Pin that clicks into the pin hole on the hitch. From there, you simply tighten the knob to firm up the expansion wedge. It has a built in lock that’s keyed the same as the integrated lock on the arms, keeping both bikes and rack secure. They can be keyed to match any other Thule items you have, too.


The base is hinged to articulate away from the rear of the car for trunk and hatch access. The main beam is curved for more clearance for the car. The support arms are also curved, which slightly staggers the height and angle of the bikes to help handlebars clear each other better.


The RDT (Road Dampening Technology) pads are slightly suspended to give a little on big bumps, keeping your frame a little safer. It’s made in the USA and retails for $499 for this model. There’s also 4- an 5-bike models that don’t swing that retail for $399 and $429.


  1. AlexK. on

    After having spent several miserable years with Thule and Yakima’s hitch mounted racks, I would not recommend them to anyone. The use tons of flimsy plastic that breaks after a couple months and when you go back to REI to return it, the customer service person will chastise you for having used your rack in inclement weather. Sorry for the rant, but every time I see a new hitch rack from Thule or Yakima, I get angry that people are getting duped into buying their crap. If you actually want the best hitch rack out there, go to 1upusa.com (and if you don’t believe me, read the reviews on mtbr for their rack).

  2. MTB4me on

    I suppose that’s what happens when you develope your company to become the best-selling rack company in the world…you make a few disgruntled non-fans…or 1upusa fanboys/trolls….

  3. johnny on

    That most be why I’m still running lock cores and load bars from ’94 and velovise’s from ’03. Because they’re “flimsy”. Five cars since then have all shared the same rack system (with different foot packs of course).

  4. uglyyeti on

    I’ve also had Yakima racks on my cars since ’94 (also same bars and cores!) and currently use their roof rack and hitch rack. In 17 years, I’ve never broken a single part. My Yak hitch rack is built like a tank.

  5. Russ Morin on

    Never have had a single part of any of the thule racks I have owned break, and I used them for all kinds of things they are not even marketed for.


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