WTB Frequency UST mountain bike rims for custom wheel building

We first spotted WTB’s new Frequency UST tubeless rims at Interbike, and now we’ve got the full spec rundown and some photos.

Aimed at the custom wheel builder segment, they’ll be offered as rim only in 26″ and 29″ sizes and 19mm and 23mm widths. Weights range from 390g to 530g. As the icons below indicate, there are a lot of features to boast. Click through for details…

The rims use 4D drilling, which angles and aims the spoke holes to eliminate any bend or undue stresses on the spokes, pointing them straight at the hub. They’re designed to use regular spoke nipples and spokes, so they can be built to just about any hub with any traditional spokes. The rim bed has their “On-Ramp” shaping to help direct the tire bead into the UST socket.

WTB’s I-Beam construction has been around for a long time, and it’s here, too. Essentially, it’s a vertical wall inside the rim to help keep it laterally stiff.

The Unbendium Bulge is a bit of extra material on the sidewall to improve “torsional, radial and lateral strength.”

The rims retail for $75 to $80 each.


  1. Nick on

    @ Steve M
    No Mavic’s acronyms have yellow labels…the red labels are totally different
    and are the acronym labels on the rim removable? I hope they aren’t supposed to stay there

  2. tom on

    As a certified Bike Tech… I have to unfortunately theorize that the labels will be there to stay – Classic free advertising, its the latest rage in the cycling industry. Many frames we get now have the frame stickers (i.e. logos and warnings) under the clear coats :-/

  3. Michael-Vittoria Shoes on

    I just got done building up a set. Very nice rims. Not what I expected, but very nice. I would give them a 8 out of 10 for the quality and build. For alloys, they built well. I would put them up against the other brands. They i19’s in a 26″ size weighed in at 383 and 382 grams bare. I also have a set of the 29’er version. I can’t remember the weights. Sorry. I actually like the graphics and the look in general of the rims. I am going to try them with the TCS System goop and rim tape. The goop is made by Stan’s. The valves and tape is pretty nice. I have always been a fan of WTB stuff, so I am glad the rims worked out. The Strykers are hot looking by the way. They just didn’t have any so I got the rims instead. Like I said, very cilice.

  4. Travis Allen on

    “Becoming official?”

    I’ve had mine for over two months now, but maybe working down the street form all of my friends at WTB has its perks.

  5. Steve on

    Are these really UST? I see that they are tubeless, but are they certified UST? UST is a standard, it’s more than just covering the holes in the tire-bed; it’s also conforming to ETRTO standards to ensure bead hook security and air retention.

    If these are just tubeless that’s fine they are very nice rim. It’s just important to understand the term UST and tubeless are not interchangeable.

  6. Jace on

    I have been reading up on WTB’s TCS System, because it seem light, and they reference UST a bunch. What I do know is that I am sick of poor fitting tires when I am trying to convert to tubeless using tubeless ready product.

    These rims are UST, when used with tape and sealant, and a tire with a UST Bead. You cannot run a tube type tire tubeless on these rims, like you can with Stans. The advantage to using the UST system for the rim and the tire is that you get a perfect fit between the tire and the rim, and the tires don’t burp air. Also, UST is ETRTO compliant. That seals the deal for me. The rim is made to use tubeless with a tubeless tire.

    It seems like WTB has basically made UST lighter. They have their TCS tires, which use a light weight casing and a UST bead. The tire requires the use of tire sealant to be used tubeless. These tires can be used tubeless on any UST based rim or wheel, as long as you use sealant. So, it seems like WTB has essentially all of this light weight tubeless ready stuff. Pretty cool.


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