2012 Moots MX Divide 29er detail photos and actual weight

We first laid eyes on Moots’ new MX Divide 29er full suspension mountain bike at Eurobike, and now we’ve got some weights for it, the 26″ version called, simply, Divide, and the Psychlo X RSL cyclocross bike we can’t wait to get our hands on.

They also have some all-new carbon forks for their road and ‘cross bikes, new titanium spacers and a redesigned Mr. Moots top cap…

2012 Moots MX Divide 29er detail photos and actual weight

These bikes had rapid prototype plastic linkages, but the production versions will be carbon fiber.

2012 Moots MX Divide 29er detail photos and actual weight

They’re also still finalizing the cable runs. You’ll probably be able to get them internal, but that’s an upgrade option.

2012 Moots MX Divide 29er mountain bike detail photos and actual weight

The lovely Cathy easily one-hands the scale. Built with SRAM XX, their own ti seatpost and stem, Fox fork, Stan’s wheels and Crank Bros Eggbeater pedals it comes in at just 26lbs 4oz.

2012 Moots Divide mountain bike detail photos and actual weight

The 26″ Divide, which has essentially the same frame and suspension design came in at 24lbs 10oz with a similar build.

2012 Moots Psychlo-X titanium cyclocross bike actual weight

The Psychlo-X RSL, their top of the line ‘cross bike that’s slowly but surely moving through production this month came in at just 16lbs 4oz with SRAM Red (not sure about the cassette), Eggbeaters, Zipp tubulars and Avid’s top canti’s.

2012 Moots carbon fiber road and cyclocross forks

Of course, if you’re getting a Moots, it’s almost sacrilege to put anything else on but a matching Moots stem, post and, now, fork. They used to use a branded Alpha-Q fork (which was on the Vamoots RSL we tested a while back), now it’s their own design. Three models, the RSL road fork will only be available for their Vamoots RSL road bike, the Moots road fork is available to anyone, as is the Moots Cyclocross fork that’ll come on their new Psychlo-X RSL. It has small indents inside the fork leg to allow the brakes to open up wider for easier wheel removal.

To really bring it all home, there’s the chiseled new Moots spacers available in 2.5, 5 and 10mm sizes, and the new Mr. Moots top cap.

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10 years ago

I know the MOOTS are impressive, and I also like the look of them. But what caught my eye was how casually the lady was holding the scale and bike with one arm. No bracing herself, to straining. Just straight up Elvis!

10 years ago

I find it strange that the premium & exclusive RSL road fork weighs 20 grams more than their basic road fork according to that photo of the fork specs above.

Perhaps a typo?

10 years ago

Oh Man,

Kent is making this spacers for years – so what’s the deal ??

Rather go on with those nice KING/MOOTS stems that where on several Cielos at the NAHBS