NAHBS 2012 – Caletti Cycles, Titanium Bike and other bits

This past  year John Caletti has been experimenting with new materials and graphics. At NAHBS, he displayed several bikes featuring titanium and a new hand built in Santa Cruz decal.

Caletti and his wife are avid off road riders, and frequently take big loops from Santa Cruz, onto the fire roads of Big Basin (California’s oldest state park), and back into town. The bicycles on show this year were reflective of his riding style. His spacious, brightly lit booth featured five bikes ranging from a rigid gates drive 29r to a disc equipped Di2 Ti cyclocross bike.

The steel cyclocross bike, with Paul brakes,  shown above was also his entry into the best cyclocross bike competition.

The titanium cyclocross bike (Calett’is personal bike), finished with Chris King components, and internal routing of the Ultegra Di2 cables. Future frames will retail for aprx $2600.

The handbuilt titanium seatpost, finished with Enve clamps, uses Calfee’s internal battery and wiring system for easy charging.

Also new this year, are these handmade titanium handlebars featured on the gates drive rigid 29.

The rigid gates drive features lots of neat simple details to enable the bike to adapt to the owners changing needs and demands.

For example, the frame features a 1.5′ headset, and trick paragon dropouts. A replacement derailleur hanger will allow the owner to run gears.

Caletti also has some of the coolest business cards in the bikes business. They’re printed on innertubes.

On the left is the old Handmade In Santa Cruz Decal, on the right is the new decal. All of Caletti’s graphics are done under the powder coat with the exception of these decals, which are printed in a variety of colors.

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10 years ago

graphics done under the clear coat.
if they were under the powder coat you wouldn’t be able to see them 🙂

10 years ago

is it just my monitor, or are all of those pics out of focus to some degree?

10 years ago

Yes, Rich, the focus is soft in a few of the pics, and in some of the others, the focus is at an odd place.