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2012 Truvativ Components Outed – Wider Bars, Fresh Graphics, White Paint

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2012 truvativ stylo alloy handlebars

Truvativ has just released their 2012 components line, and there’s fresh paint, graphics and sizes across the entire range of handlebars, stems and seatposts. They’ve also followed trends and instituted a numbered naming scheme within each group to make it easier to know where parts stand in the heirarchy.

The updates span from the lightweight XC/Race oriented Noir line all the way to the overbuilt Hussefelt group and generally bring wider handlebar options to the table and match up the graphics and colors to the stem and post. For some of the groups, this means a complete cockpit and partial drivetrain can now come from the same line.

The official consumer launch is April 14, the first day of the Sea Otter Classic (where we hear they’ll have some SRAM road announcements, too). Jump on past the break to see the goods…

Up top are the new Stylo T40 handlebars, available in the 700mm wide riser bar shown at 256g for black ano and 258g for sno white. They’ll come in either 15mm or 25mm rise. We’ll cover the basics about the rest of the components here with the pics, and full spec sheets with weights, widths, rise, sweep, etc. are at the bottom of the post.

The T40 is also available in a 700mm wide 10S (10º sweep) flat bar designed with 29er riders in mind and a 5º sweep flat bar in a 580mm/600mm width.

2012 truvativ style t30 alloy riser and flat mountain bike handlebars

The Stylo line is really designed for the enthusiast rider that might do a little trail and all mountain for fun, but also gets their cross country on. Below top level T40 is the Stylo T30, and these bars share the measurements of the T40 but drop from a 7-series alloy to a 6-series and gain about 17 to 20 grams each. Below that (not pictured) is the T20 line that gets a similarly sized flat bar and a 680mm riser, and they’re the only level to get a 25.4 handlebar clamp diameter option for the retro grouches. The T40 are the only ones with the white option.

2012 truvativ Stylo t30 and t40 lightweight alloy mountain bike seatposts and stems

The Stylo line carries the new graphics over to their stems and seatposts. The T40 gets a white option for the stem, as well as black ano (the top stem in this pic), but the seatpost is black ano only, sadly. The T30 stem is visually only different in the graphics, and they’re the same stem other than the bolts. The T40 stem saves 5g by using 6/4 ti bolts, the T30 gets CrMo. There’s a T20 below it, but all three are 3D forged alloy.

The T40 (top) and T30 seatposts are also the same 3D forged and butted 7075 alloy, the only difference is Ti bolts versus CrMo for a 10g savings.

There’s a T20 seatpost below these and is plain old 6061 alloy but weighs in the same as the T30. All of the models come in all of the popular sizes, but all stems are 31.8OS bar clamp only.

2012 truvativ noir t40 lightweight carbon fiber riser and flat mountain bike handlebars

At the top of the range for XC/Racing is the Truvativ Noir line. The parts are carbon fiber and pretty darn light.

The T40 handlesbars (above) use their SL unidirectional carbon fiber with a “traction finish” in the stem clamp area. They’ll come in a 118g 580mm flat bar and 190g 640mm/700mm riser, both in the gloss carbon finish with gray graphics.

2012 truvativ noir t30 lightweight carbon fiber riser and flat mountain bike handlebars

The T30 uses the same SL UD carbon for their flat bars but adds a little width to get it up to 600mm, and there’s a new 700mm wide 10S flat bar (180g). The T30 riser uses regular (ie. non-SL) UD carbon fiber in a 680mm/700mm option at 205g. Interestingly, the Noir T20 riser (not shown) uses the same fibers and comes in at 188g (680mm). Various rise options are listed for all below.

2012 truvativ noir carbon fiber mountain bike seatposts

Like the Stylo line, the only difference between the Noir T40 (top) and T30 is Ti bolts versus CrMo. They both have filament wound butted carbon fiber posts with a dual bolt head design that allows you to use it at either 0º or 25º offset. There are no stems in the Noir line, but the Stylo T40 is only 130g (claimed, 110mm), which is pretty light for a MTB stem. They do keep their cranks from years past.

2012 truvativ aka component group with mountain bike handlebar stem seatpost and crankset

The AKA group is their “halfway between XC and DH” group, or what’s colloquially known as “all mountain” these days, and it arguably has one of the best finishes of the lineup. The riser bar is 710mm wide, 25mm rise and comes in at 264g. The stems are 3D forged then CNC’d to shed a few grams. The seatpost 3D forged and butted. Nothing terribly fancy, just a workhorse group that looks good doin’ what it do in that Zephyr Gray.

2012 truvativ boobar dh downhill mountain bike handlebar

The Boobar line is composed of the Boobar, a giant handlebar that answered sponsored riders’ requests for something even wider than last year’s model. It now spreads your pinkies up to 780mm, which is the widest bar on offer from Truvativ (but far from the widest bar we’ve ever seen).

2012 truvativ holzfeller dh downhill mountain bike handlebar stem seatpost crankset and pedals

The Holzfeller group brushes up the graphics on it’s cockpit parts, too, and offers a really long seatpost for a DH-oriented group…350mm. The handlebar is 730mm wide, and stems are available in direct mount in three colors and standard in red and black, both in a couple of sizes each. Pedals and cranks remain the same, the former available in their hollow OCT variation and solid forged.

2012 truvativ hussefelt dh downhill freeride mountain bike handlebar seatpost stem pedals and cranksets

Lastly, the Hussefelt group is their brutish collection of components for riders that simply want to abuse things and not worry about paying a lot to replace them. Besides fresh graphics in the cockpit, it’s nice to see a white option on a tougher group and not limited to just XC oriented parts.


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2012 truvativ handlebar specs and weights

2012 truvativ stem and seatpost specs and weights

Look for some hands-on photos when we get to Sea Otter in April!

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12 years ago

Nice to see bars getting to be the right width. XC geek width is dead.

12 years ago

The Boobar already was at 780 (and 740), in fact mine is at 780. There’s nothing new but the new Truvativ logo…

ali g
ali g
12 years ago

any news on the released of the noir 700mmx30mm t40 bar?

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