We saw several new models from Rudy Project at Eurobike, and now there are a couple of stragglers joining the lineup.

Above, the Revenge offers a somewhat familiar looking full coverage single lens design. Frames are available in gloss black or white and the clear Flouro yellow/green shown above, which matches up perfectly with their day-glo helmets. Lenses are interchangeable and they’ve got standard gray plus mirrored blue, red and green lenses as well as their Racing Red, which is a decent all-purpose lens.

MSRP starts at $180 for the Revenge. Post ride, the new Skymajor is a smaller aviator style we kinda dig, too…

2012 Rudy Project Revenge full coverage cycling sunglasses for athletes with interchangeable single piece lenses

A few more examples of the Revenge frame and lens color options.

Like most Rudy Project sport sunglasses, the nose piece is adjustable. If your nose or face isn’t very symmetrical, this is quite handy in getting things to feel right versus fixed frames.

Rudy Project skymajor polarized aviator sunglasses for smaller faces

The Skymajor aviators are available in gold, chrome or gunmetal frames with gray or brown lenses and polarized options in both tints, including a photochromic polarized gray. The frames have individually adjustable temples and nose pads. The lenses are a bit more petite than the Smith aviators that seem to be everywhere, making them a good option for smaller faces or those that want to fit in without being a copycat. MSRP starts at $180.


  1. No, what they look like are knock off Oakly Radar’s. Oh and my favorite part about Rudy Project… $180, but when you buy them you get to pick 5 other products for free! Or wait until next month when everything will be 50% off for a limited time. Rudy Project is such a marketing scam. Mark everything up 400% so you can say it’s a good deal later.

  2. @matt, and oakley isn’t? Chinese plastic costing a crapload more than Rudy, and trying oh so hard with their unobtanium and whatever the latest movie trend names are. Might wanna look up that 400% on those Oakley Radar Ultra Unobtanium with Navi Blue Super Shit scam first.

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