Are you a self avowed weight weenie? Have you replaced all your bolts with ti and are running out of ways to drop weight? In that case, this product probably isn’t for you, you’re probably still running a standard 9 mm qr set up….But if for some reason you’re running a 15mm fox fork, would like to drop some grams, and add a little bling, then Tune has you covered with their DC 15 axles.

Check past the break for the down low.

Tune, the German component manufacture famous for ultra light components has a long history of making axle skewers. In 1989 they released their first products, a bag of aluminum screws and a revamped quick release, and their product line has grown substantially since. The recently introduced DC 15 follows in the tune tradition by shaving roughly 50 grams from the stock fox skewer. The titanium axle and carbon lever have a claimed weight of 43 g. The standard fox skewer by comparison weighs roughly 95 g.

Available colors are black, blue, gold, green, orange, pink, red, silver, and purple. Axle’s can be purchased for DT Swiss, Marzocchi, and Rock Shox forks. There is no maximum rider weight limit. Prices are $150 USD or 125€.

Check it out here, and check Tyler’s Eurobike Coverage of Tune’s booth for even more sick light stuff.




  1. Atgani on

    Tune should impose a rule stating that these can only be purchased if your body fat is below 4%

    Oh, that would exclude 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of their current market

  2. Daan on

    On the site of tune they say the QR for DT, RockShox and Marzocchi are in the planning to be constructed.. The are not yet available.

  3. Richard on

    Tune manufactures these skewers for Fox QR15 forks as well. All (except Marzocchi) have been available in the US for about a year, though not in staggering quantities. I’m going to plug as a source for Tune products, but only because Bike Rumor used one of our photos for this article. 🙂


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