Bordeaux bike share bicycle kick scooter designed by philippe starck

After receiving input from more than 300 citizens, star designer Philippe Stark designed this bicycle x kick scooter for Bordeaux’s bike share program.

Designed to let users either ride or scoot along, it’s got hefty baskets and racks to make errands and commuting a bit more practical. While it looks heavy, word is it’s a lightweight frame and it has integrated lights. We’ve talked to several people that run bike share programs and they all say the bikes need to be fairly robust to handle the abuse they take and hold up to not-always-polished city streets. Those bikes are usually around 40 to 50 lbs, but geared super easy and are very stable, to the point where you barely notice their weight.

These will be made by Peugeot with about 3,000 bikes being ready when the program starts by the end of the year.


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