In somewhat typical Shimano fashion lately, Shimano has quietly introduced a crazy amount of new and updated parts including mechanical disc brakes and 11 speed Di2! What? Oh, not that 11 speed, but an internally geared 11 speed Alfine hub with Di2 drop bar shifters. Not to mention a revised SLX group including a Shadow Plus derailleur! The new product covers the entire spectrum with goods for road, CX, mountain, and commuter and lifestyle cyclists.

Get all the details from Shimano after the break.

New Alfine Di2 Internal Electronic Shifting

*Available Fall 2012

If you’ve been just dying for an electronic internal gear hub, this is for you. Perhaps aimed towards the high end commuting set, Di2 Alfine takes protection from the elements to the next level by getting rid of shift cables completely. Not only is this the first offering for a drop bar shifter for an internally geared hub, but it also offers a new internal battery option that is yet to be seen. The new Alfine Di2 system integrates the newest generation of Di2 technology, including the E-tube Di2 wiring and electronics that was introduced with Di2 Ultegra.

E-tube wiring and electronics – Alfine Di2 continues to utilize new generation E-tube wiring and electronics that are the new electronic standard for Di2. Internal and external routing is available with the new Alfine Di2 system.

New Di2 information display – Alfine Di2 will for the first time feature a handlebar mounted information display showcasing battery power levels and gear selection. The new SC-S705 display provides basic information not often found on bicycles in this category.


Multiple gearing and shifter options – Alfine Di2 will be available in 8 and 11-speed internal hub offerings. Two shifter options will be available for flat handlebar and a dual control lever for traditional road drop handlebars – a first for a Shimano internal hub system.

Multiple power source options – Alfine Di2 can be powered by external or internal batteries. Alfine Di2 offers a cleaner presentation with the new SM-BTR2 internal seat post mounted battery that compatible with E-tube Di2 electronics.

Disc brake compatible – Alfine Di2 dual control road drop handlebar shift and brake levers will offer compatibility with mechanical disc brake systems as well as standard road calipers. Various brake levers can be used with the flat handlebar SW-S705 shifter including Alfine hydraulic disc brakes.

This is the DA Satellite shifter, but the Ultegra version should look similar.

Ultegra 6770 Di2 Additions

*Available June 2012

Utilizing Shimano’s new E-tube wiring and electronics in the Ultegra 6770 component group, Ultegra Di2 now receives the satellite shifter.

New Wide Range Road Drivetrains

Most likely in an attempt to gain some of the market interested in Sram’s WiFLi wide gear range drive trains, Shimano will be offering performance and recreational set ups with wider range gear ratios accommodated by new rear derailleurs. Depending on the model, cassettes will now be offered with 30 and 32 tooth large cogs.

Ultegra 6700 – now includes short and mid cage rear derailleur options that accommodate 30T cassettes and in addition, a new 12-30T Ultegra cassette will now be added.

Shimano 105 – now includes 10-speed rear derailleurs supporting 30T compatibility (short cage) and 32T cassettes (mid cage).

Tiagra – now includes 10-speed rear derailleurs supporting 30T compatibility (short cage) and 32T cassettes (mid cage).

New Road and Cyclocross Disc Brakes

*Available Summer 2012

While they’re not the hydraulic options people have been speculating over, the new mechanical disc brakes from Shimano offer a refined brake over the old BR-R505s. The main difference between the two brakes is supposedly the weight, while the CX75 is being marketed towards cross and the R515 being marketed towards road. Shimano claims the new brakes offer 20% lower profiles and 30% performance increases over previous generation Shimano mechanical disc systems.

Additionally, new road compact V-Brake options will be available in both black and white.BR-CX75 cyclocross disc brakes – The new BR-CX75 disc brake caliper adds a new level of braking performance to Shimano’s new cyclocross CX50 and CX70 component lines. The new caliper is designed for use with all road Super SLR Shift and brake levers and is ideally paired with the RT81 mountain bike disc brake rotor.


BR-R515 mechanical road disc brakes – The new BR-R515 mechanical disc brakes deliver Tiagra level braking performance for road use. Best paired with the RT64 disc rotor, the brakes are available in silver or black

New Affordable Road Wheel Sets Enhance Ride Quality

The new RS wheels benefit from trickle down tech, in the form of the RS61 now the least expensive Road Tubeless wheelset Shimano will offer. Combine that with 10 and 11-speed compatible freehubs, new off-set rims, and extra wide flanges and you have some great performing wheels that are much more affordable.

WH-RS61 – new wheels are Shimano’s most affordable Road Tubeless wheels to date and open up the technology and rider benefits to more consumers

WH-RS21 – new wheels are the most affordable new RS series wheels intended as affordable aftermarket 11-speed compatible upgrade or replacement wheel option.

Recreational and Casual Road Component Introductions

New Sora Components for Sport and Fitness Road Riding

No longer the odd man out, the new Sora group finally gets shifters with the downshift lever paired with the brake lever, rather than the thumb button on the side. The shifters also receive built in barrel adjusters and look to have a profile much more similar to higher end hoods. While the group remains 9 speed, the improved group will give entry level bikes a serious boost in performance and looks with the new Mica Black colorway.

Confident, smooth light action shifting – New Tiagra style Shimano STI drop handlebar shifters include a gear indicator. New flat handlebar SL-3500 Sora shifters include 2×9 and 3×9 options and offer 2-Way release, Rapidfire Plus and OGD technology.


Wide gear ranges add versatility – The Sora rear derailleur is available in short and mid cage versions that accommodate up to a 32T rear cog. Flat handlebar and cyclocross Sora options include a dedicated compact crank set available with a 50-34T and 46-34T chainring combination as well as a triple 50-39-30T.

New PD-R540 Pedal for Recreational Riders

The new PD-R540-LA is an improved and even more ideal first clipless pedal system for recreational and entry-level road riders thanks to a new lighter action spring that improves ease of entry and exit. The pedal is now available in black and white color options.

SLX, Deore XT and XTR Additions for 2013

2013 marks the start of Shadow Plus for all – soon both XTR, XT, and SLX will all offer a Shadow plus version of the rear derailleur. Also, Shimano talks of direct mount rear derailleurs, but doesn’t show any derailleurs in the press release. Why? My guess is it is a new frame standard and they are waiting to unveil it until everyone (both Shimano and frame manufacturers are ready). Before everyone starts groaning about a new standard, my money is on the fact that it will be backwards compatible with old derailleurs with the switch of a derailleur hanger. We’re assuming that the direct mount derailleur eliminated the floating linkage on the current derailleurs where it mounts to the derailleur hanger. This should make wheel changes easier as well as eliminate unnecessary bolts and parts of the derailleur. We’ll keep you posted.

Shimano Deore XT and XTR updates are highlighted by new direct mount rear derailleur options and Shadow Plus RD technology. Both Deore XT and XTR will now feature GS and SGS direct mount 10-speed Shadow rear derailleurs and XT will now offer a Shadow Plus RD option. A new Deore XT double crank set will be added in a 29er friendly 38-24T combination and Deore XT 10-speed Vivid optical display shifters will be available.


New “Rider Tuned” SLX Group for Trail Riders

*Available July 2012

SLX receives more updates for 2013, creating possibly the best all-around value/performance group available. Built to perform like XT and XTR, SLX now includes many of the same Trail options including award-winning Shadow Plus RD technology, and three new Rider Tuned 2×10 crank set options are available on the new style SLX crank.

New Shadow Plus and direct mount RD options – SLX now offers a Shadow Plus rear derailleur for trail riders available in SGS and GS options with a direct mount option. Shadow Plus technology reduces chain slap and chain drop while creating a more stable drive train that is dramatically quieter. A new standard Shadow RD will be available, also with a direct mount option.


New Rider Tuned crank sets – In addition to the trail optimized triple (42-32-24), new SLX Rider Tuned crank set options now include a double chainring crank set that is available in three chainring combinations for varied usages: race-optimized 40-28T and 38-26T options and a 29er friendly 38-24T option. The 10-speed SLX wide range cassette (CS-HG81-10) has rider optimized gear progressions (11-36, 11-34, 11-32). New SLX crank sets showcase a new revised shape and finish.



Improved shifter ergonomics, chainring mode converter – New SLX shifters offer a 2x or 3x chainring converter for more Rider Tuned options. The easy access levers feature a new ergonomic lever shape with 2-way release and offer Advanced Light Action shifting and compact and vivid OGD compatibility. ISPEC integrated one clamp option available.


Powerful SLX disc brakes, new disc rotors – The SLX disc brake system maintains technology including Servo Wave, ICE Tech pad options, oversized 22mm ceramic piston and high power hose with banjo mount for powerful braking. The brake levers are ISPEC compatible. New lightweight SM-RT66 six-bolt and SM-RT67 Center Lock rotors will be available. The disc brake system is compatible with ICE Tech rotor upgrades.


Suspension friendly FD improvements – SLX front derailleurs offer suspension friendly benefits through new derailleur shapes, cable routing options and better frame and tire clearance. The down swing FD update is a 29er and suspension friendly design that brings an update from XTR to the SLX group. These light action front derailleurs are Dyna-Sys friendly in 2×10 and 3×10 options, and are available in four mounting styles.


New SLX hubs offer durability, stability – The new SLX disc brake hubs offer trailready durability and stability thanks to fully adjustable and serviceable angular contact bearing assemblies and a top stiffness to weight ratio aided by a new lighter weight axle. Sizes include traditional QR and 15mm E-thru front axle options and 12mm E-thru rear.


New Mountain Bike Wheel Sets

Three new mountain bike wheel sets enter the line for 2013 that extend Shimano’s 29er wheel offering at the SLX and XT level, continuing the company’s commitment to mountain tubeless systems and the 15mm E-thru standard. The new WH-MT66 and WH-MT68 wheel sets feature an all-new tubeless-ready rim with UST rim section profile. All Shimano wheels are 100% handbuilt for unparalleled quality and durability.


WH-M785-29 Deore XT 29er wheels

*Available Fall 2012

The Deore XT wheel sets now include 29er specific wheels with a 15mm E-thru front hub and QR rear. All wheels are UST tubeless and come standard with Center Lock disc brake mounting.


WH-MT66-29 wheels

*Available Sept. 2012

The new WH-MT66-29 wheel set delivers quality, dependability and sets the standard for 29er wheel stiffness and weight balance with purpose built 24x28H lacing balancing front vs. rear wheel loads. The wheels feature a new tubeless-compatible 19C rim structure that is UST and standard tire compatible. The 29” wheel set is available in 135mm QR or 142x12mm E-thru rear spacing and front 15mm E-thru.


WH-MT68 wheels

*Available July 2012

The new 26” specific WH-MT68 wheel set is a tough trail-specific wheel set with a 21C rim profile designed for aggressive riding. The new tubeless-compatible rim structure is UST and standard tire compatible. The WH-MT68 is 15mm E-thru front only and available in 135mm QR or 142x12mm E-thru rear options






    electric igh = lame
    cable disc brakes = lame
    sram apex ripoff = lame

    slots for reducing direct mount front derailleurs = acceptable. look forward to less front derailleur part numbers.

  2. gee on

    I dig the 11 speed thingy…curious to set it up on an MTB…if not racing, I don’t really care what my hardtail weighs. Could be a nice ride and neglect bike, other than charging the battery that is. Suppose a belt would work also……

    I tried the Nuvinci N360 on a MTB and it was interesting, the wheel on a Stan’s Arch Rim built up to about 8 pounds, I didn’t notice the weight when the bike was on the ground. I didn’t like the “infinite” shifting, hard to gauge where I was, prefer the indexed gears.

  3. Brandon on

    I’m psyched about that Alphine Di2 hub. Wonder what it’ll cost…or did I miss that?

    Picture that on a custom Ti commuter…..oh man.

  4. VeryRedBike on

    @jesus christo It’s not a rip off of sram, it’s just a natural evolution. People have been pairing shimano road shifters with their mtb rear derailleur for a wider cassette range for years. It’s frankly crazy that it took them this long to get to such a popular idea. It’s like saying that everyone is just ripping off that first 8 speed system when they make bikes with 8 speeds… it’s not an innovation, it’s just an extended range.

    This isn’t so say that it isn’t awesome that SRAM made that range, hats off to them for doing it first, but I don’t think they expected that other people wouldn’t catch up.

  5. Jones on

    Great news about the 2 x 10 SLX. I just wish 1. Shimano would offer a BB30 or BB386 crankset and 2. Put sealed cartridge bearings in their hubs!

  6. Rik on

    Light action Mountain Bike Font Mechs…………….Does that mean that they are finally compatable with STI levers for use on monstercross builds???

  7. Matt M. on

    Doug, I agree that would be cool and makes 100% sense for the commuter market. I’m really interested to see prices on the Di2 Alfine. I am building a monstercross and wondering if the electric shifting would make this fast / efficient enough to shift under load for racing. That’s the biggest problem with the Alfine that I know of currently. I’d love to run a 1×11 IGH Di2 setup for bike-packing and change the tires for cross racing… Theoretically if would be easy to just swap from flat bar to drop bar with this setup and some brake cable splitters…

  8. Ralphy on

    Is JhonnyHeitinga being sarcastic? I hope not. Sora will now have the same shifting levers as the rest of Shimano’s road stuff; the cassette options are just dandy; it has a nice finish; current Sora is way cheaper than Apex – I’m not sure what’s not to like. Entry road, rain bike, cyclocross, etc. etc.

  9. St. Lucifer on

    I don’t think any of these new bike jiblets are “lame”. If anything they are totally awesome and innovative!! Go Shimano!

    The 11 speed Di2 internally geared hub is ingenious! For those commuters who are less mechanically inclined, it will offer a more hassle free setup; ie see self adjusting Di2 der type drivetrains.

    The SLX groupo is just drop dead gorgeous looking sans gear indicators on the shifter pods(I imagine they are removable though).

    I don’t see the correlation to the Sram Apex rip off? Especially considering all these parts will last longer than 3 months…

  10. greg on

    i liked that sora had a release trigger on the side of the hood. i found it funny that shimano would duplicate campy’s layout on their crappiest group. it was a subtle slap in the face.

  11. mongo on

    “I don’t think any of these new bike jiblets are “lame”. If anything they are totally awesome and innovative!! Go Shimano!…”

    It amazes me how high people can swing from the ball hairs of billion dollar corporations without giving an inch to the competition.

  12. Ruud Gullit on

    Not only did Shimano imitate Campy shifters on their crappest group set, they do the same with their crappest cranksets…with the internal bolt thingy.

    All this new kit is just another example of Shimano using its economics of scale to flood the market with new products that imitate anything that SRAM or Campy come up with (eg AVID ball bearing disc brakes, Campy 11 speed).

    Being Japanese, Shimano will always have a natural advantage when it comes to electronic shifting – any takers for EPS??? Anyone??? And we will all be dragged kicking and screaming down the digital road…but on the upside eventually there will also be hydraulic disc brakes for road bikes – woo hoo!!!

    Shimano, having the best machines they will always be able to pump out better quality cold forged (as opposed to machined) alloy gear at cheaper prices…sad but true. So while you can argue they are not really innovative, all their cheap stuff is 1000% better than SRAM and Campy’s cheap stuff – hence Johhny Heitingas understandable joy at the new Sora Gruppo.

    On the upside SRAM has made a nice niche for itself by striving the make the lightest gear (albeit by reverse engineering Deore DX thumbshifters from 1992 for their XX groupset), and have succeeded – so props to them.

    As for Campy, well this year they re-released the Bora wheelset with different stickers and released a different rubber hood compound for their gear shifters…someone tell me again that Shimano isnt innovative.


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