Bamboo Bike Maker WebbWorks CX Monsoon

Featured here are some killer bamboo frames by WebbWorks, a manufacturer in Thailand. WebbWorks was founded in 2008 by Phil Webb, previously an engineer for Michelin Research. After resigning from his position, he moved to Thailand. While living there, he gained greater knowledge of bamboo as a material. This knowledge is harnessed in the construction of bicycle frames. Phil’s mission is to give back to the people he lives with. Community ties are said to be tightened in the creation of these frames.

Phil’s bamboo know-how has been passed down from previous generations in the area. Primarily two local species of bamboo are used, each species equal in strength but with slightly different characteristics. Although made mostly from bamboo, these frames also have carbon reinforcements.

WebbWorks currently stocks four frames – the Monsoon CX pictured above, the Thai Silk road frame, the Hilltribe mountain/urban frame, and a Curry track frame.  Pricing is $1,199 standard for all. WebbWorks is increasing production and now has a North American distribution center in Greenville, SC. Their website will be updated soon with geometries, detailed pricing, and more.

Click after the break for pics of the Monsoon CX Frame, the Thai Silk, the Hilltribe, and a custom build…

 Bamboo Bike Maker WebbWorks CX Monsoon Rear

Thai Silk – Ideal For Road

Bamboo Bike Maker Thai Silk WebbWorks

Bamboo Bike Maker Webbworks Thai Silk Road Frame

Hilltribe – Ideal for Mountain or Urban



Here we have makers Phil Webb and Meechai from Lahu Hilltribe People Group after Meechai completed his first Hilltribe frame.

The Gang – Some Custom Goodness

Features internal hub with shaft drive, some fun rims, disc brakes, and more.

Bamboo Bike Maker Mountain

Bamboo Bike Maker Internal Hub



  1. @Meta

    That bike would go great on our local “Woodman’s” bike rack (haphazardly made with some gangly boards, his car is some 70’s rusty yank tank that may or may not have come as convertible from the factory). I hope they haven’t figured out how to make transistors and computers from wood yet because I hope he doesn’t read this. I’m sure I’d be in for quite a splinter if he did.

    In all seriouslyness though, I’m thinking that bike is actually nice. Surely the builder used high modulus 2×4’s and high-tensile strength wood screws. I’d love to hit the weekday World Championship group ride on it.

  2. I have a WebbWorks Hilltribe, and it is the best bike I’ve ever owned! It rides beautifully, is absorbent, but it’s also extremely stiff; it hardly flexes at all!
    I definitely will buy a Thai Silk for my next bike!

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