Colin McCaleb


Review: Lezyne’s Micro Drive USB Front/Rear Lights

With Lezyne announcing at EB 2013 they're upping the lumen count of their entire range by 50 lumens per light, it's time we provided...

Kuat Ups Camo Game w/ Vagabond Special Edition Roof Basket

Camo's in, and to coincide with fatbike hunting season, Kuat just released a Vagabond roof basket with camo accents. With room for two bikes...

Kickstarter Project: Plume Fender Stows Away When Sunny, Rolls Out With the Weather

Kickstarter is bringing another project to life, the Plume Mudguard. It's a recoiling fender that works like a snap bracelet. Constructed of a stainless...

Chrome Gears Up, Spot On Urban Riding Apparel For Spring

With the current season providing dry weather every other hour or so, a varied collection of cycling clothing can make all the difference for...

Review: Portland Design Works Do-Anything Takeout Basket & Dios Thronous Spongy Eva Saddle

Commuter bikes (besides being fantastic modes of transportation and perhaps ways of changing the world) are blank templates waiting to be swagged out with...

Chrome Totes New Urban Clipless Shoe for Spring, the Truk Pro

Just released, the Truk Pro is Chrome's newest recessed SPD shoe. A fresh take on their Truk model (a stiff shoe but lacking the...

NAHBS 2013: Bag Roundup w/ ILE, Brooks, Tanner Goods, Baileyworks & Twin Six

When you're running errands or joy riding a custom frame by a worthy builder, snagging a quality bag seems the next logical step. We saw...

NAHBS 2013: Lundbeck, Muse & Legacy w/ Racked & Fendered Fleet

Cycling's not always about crushing your competition on Strava. Sometimes it's about getting out in the sun for a cruise around the city. These...

NAHBS 2013: Vibe, Avery County Cycles, & Vincent Rodriguez w/ Copper Plated Goodness

There were various motifs throughout the show, like Chris King components for instance, and builders choosing between either titanium or Ox Platinum steel for...



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