Reeb Sams Pants Belt Drive Single Speed

At NAHBS this year, along with the standard high end road and mountain, we’ve seen a ton of cross, gravel racer and fatbike builds. Reeb is more on the alternative side and featured all these builds. Modeling their bikes after some beers by Oskar Blues, they were more or less in the spirit of NAHBS and Frostbike too, by the look of it.

Shown above is Reeb’s very dirty Sam’s Pants singlespeed cross build. When we viddy’d the construction, they asked, “have you seen a dirtier bike yet at NAHBS”. Come to think of it…no. Despite being covered in grime, the quality made-in-USA true temper OX platinum tubing shows through. It’s designed for urban assault, gravel riding, and a bit of cross. For an all-arounder bike, the Sam’s Pants seems a worthy frame.

More on Sam’s Pants, and a couple other Reeb bikes after the break…

The frame breaks in the rear triangle to allow for multiple single speed setups. They had it spec’d with a Gates Carbon Belt drive. With that setup, they could dirty it up as much as possible and it would still be (somewhat) functional. Frame weight is 4.4lbs.

Reeb Sams Pants Headbadge Front Burro Bag

The headtube is a 44mm Paragon. Burro came by and mounted up a fresh frame bag. Though it’s not on their website yet, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of guerrilla marketing.

Geometry Sams Pants

The Sam’s Pants will be available in two sizes, S/M, and L/XL. Geometries above.


reeb bikes fat bike dales pale ale mainReeb’s Donkadonk is another bike with a color scheme based on Dale’s pale ale. It’s made with the same true temper OX platinum tubing and 44mm headtube as the Sam’s Pants.

Reeb Donkadonk Fatbike Top Tube Down Tube

They built it up with a Gates carbon belt drive and White Brothers carbon fork. With a 100mm rear spacing, it allows for 4.8 inch tires and 1×10 gearing, single speed, or belt drive. The frame weighs in at 4.9 lbs with a bb shell of 100mm. The MSRP on the frame is $1,500. So far, this is the only frame pricing we have for Reeb.

Head badges are designed in Colorado and hand mounted to the frame.

Geometry Donkadonk

The Donkadonk will be available in medium and large. Geometries and frame details above.


Reeb SFP Hardtail MTB Main

The SFP is Reeb’s 29er hardtail mountain bike. Made with the same tubing and headset as the previous two builds, this one’s slimmed down a bit from the Donkadonk. It allows for a derailleur, but at NAHBS they built it as Gates carbon singlespeed. The rear axle is available as a standard quick release or a 12mm x 142mm rear thru axle.

Reeb SFP Hardtail Singlespeed Mountain Bike Chain Stay

The color scheme for this one is modeled after Oscar Blue’s IPA.

Sometimes, you just cant beat the Industry Nine red anodized hubs, especially paired with red spokes. Frame weight is 4.9 lbs with a bb shell of 73mm. This is the only production build available on their website right now, so check out the specs and geometries here.

Reeb SFP Hardtail Mountainbike Tire Clearance

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9 years ago

The Donkadonk has 100mm rear end??? seems awful narrow: “They built it up with a Gates carbon belt drive and White Brothers carbon fork. With a 100mm rear spacing, it allows for 4.8 inch tires and 1×10 gearing, single speed, or belt drive”

Chad Melis
9 years ago

The REEBdonkadonk Fat Bike has a 170mm rear spacing and 100mm Clown Shoe rim with a 4.7 Big Fat Larry Tire.