Rob English Project Right Art Bicycle Full Bike

On September 6th, Fairwheel Bikes was contact contacted by a customer asking for a unique custom build.  The challenge presented was no easy task, and so they turned to expert engineer and builder Rob English.  Once the build was done, the bike was handed over to the fine folks at Co-Motion for a base layer of, in my opinion, a gorgeous green paint.  Next, the bike was sent to artist  Geoff McFetridge for the artistic details.  The bike was then sent back to Co-Motion for clear coat, and then assembled for show.

Past the brake break you will find more photos of Project Right, along with Rob’s personal race bike.  Here’s a hint, its 10.8lbs!

Rob English Project Right Art Bicycle Stem

Rob English Project Right Art Bicycle Rear Hub

Rob English Project Right Art Bicycle BB Shell Artwork

Rob English Project Right Art Bicycle Rear Seat Stay

Rob English Project Right Art Bicycle Inside Front Fork Blade


Rob English Light Bike Full Bike

Project Light is Rob’s personal race bike.  What we have here is a steel frame, with a carbon seat tube, that comes in at an astonishing light 10.8lbs.


There is no doubt the frame is light on this bike, but the build kit is a big part of how this bike achieves its super low number.

Rob English Project Light Weight 2


Rob English Light Bike Carbon Chainrings

Carbon font chainrings?  Sure, why not.

Rob English Light Bike Front Downtube Shifter

While the rear is shifted with a SRAM Red lever, the front shifting is done by an old school downtube shifter.  Why?  It saves weight, duh.

Rob English Light Bike Steerer Tube Clamp

Rob’s custom made stem.

Rob English Light Bike

English Cycles’ traditional super skinny stays.




  1. Typo meet misspelling, misspelling meet typo.

    Stop using your cellphone to update posts, it makes you look terrible.

    -Brake instead of break.
    -“Fairwheel Bikes was contact by”
    -“a gorgeous green paint.”


  2. I’ve been following Rob’s progress on Project Right on his website and I’ve got to say it looks much better in its finished form. His work is always so clean.

  3. I first saw his work at a show in Portland a couple of years ago. What I like about the guy is that he thinks “outside the box”. If he needs something that isn’t made, he makes it himself. Clever fellow.

  4. Hi,

    Very nice bike this green one 😀 Would like to have something like this.

    Just a one question. This piece of outer under bottom bracket… What is it for? Can not see rear brake and no gears as well…


  5. IvanMTB
    that piece, is the rear brake.
    while the front brake uses disc, the rear is a traditional rim brake, mounted under the BB.

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