Peacock Groove Evil Dead II Theme Bike Full Bike

I often keep my eye on what Peacock Groove is turning out in Minneapolis, MN.  The artistry form this shop always impresses, and this years NAHBS bike is no different.  The bike might not be to the liking of some, as it is a bit on the gruesome side, but personally, It’s been the best thing I have seen so far.

You’ll find several more photos on the other side.

Peacock Groove Evil Dead II Theme Bike Front Wheel Airbrushed Skull

The airbrush work on both front and rear carbon disc wheels was done by Brad Gavlin of Dirt Designs Graphics.  I was told he went through two beers, one cigar, and about six hours to complete the front wheel.

Peacock Groove Evil Dead II Theme Bike Rear Dropout Waterjet cut

The Peacock Groove signature dropouts are super sweet looking, and produced on a water jet.  Notice the chainsaw like chain?  We are assured that this bike will be run on the velodrome, but without the chainsaw chain.

Peacock Groove Evil Dead II Theme Bike Air Brushed Rear Wheel

Who’s laughing now?  Warning:  Youtube link to the relevant clip from the movie.

Peacock Groove Evil Dead II Theme Bike zombie damage

Zombie Damage!

Peacock Groove Evil Dead II Theme Bike Rear

Peacock Groove Evil Dead II Theme Bike Front Fork

Peacock Groove Evil Dead II Theme Bike Frame Logo

Peacock Groove Evil Dead II Theme Bike Blood Splatter Paint

Peacock Groove Evil Dead II Theme Bike Frame Logo 2




  1. lol on

    I tried to buy a frame from this guy after last years show but he was really difficult to communicate with and then quoted me a ridiculous amount for a simple TIG singlespeed frame. I did some asking around and it sounds like he has a lot of unfinished work from the last couple years but he has time to build some silly personal showbike.

  2. St. Lucifer on

    I met the guy at Frost Bike a number of years back. Nice guy! Can’t remember his name but it’s good to see he’s still making frames and blowing peoples minds. He had this utility bike w/ some funky racks at the Q warehouse. I was blown away at the time just as I am by this hear track bike! He’s got great vision and isn’t afraid to think way the crap outside the box.

    btw, He quoted you an absurd amount because he didn’t want to build you an uninspiring run of the mill tig welded frame. Gimmick?! Like a true artist he obviously did this for himself. Haters gonna hate!

    Love the fork crown and how this bike brings new meaning to the term “murdered out”

  3. Ronny on

    This bike is fantastic! I love the fact that it is so far over the top. It should serve to inspire others to push the envelope like this. Can’t wait to see next year’s Peacock Groove bikes! Super, super radical!

  4. Wheels on

    You know what’s gimmicky? A fixie for the street with super low bars and a high seat tube, steep (track) geometry that has no place on street, no water bottle mounts. In other words, everything else.

  5. noren on

    Thanks for the positive comments. Every year I make bikes and some one doesn’t like them. That’s ok. I did not build it for them, I built them for my customers or me. Every bike is a ridable, scratchable, dentable, just like any other bike out there. Get over it.
    To the guy who thought I was hard to communicate with, I do apologize . As a true one man run business, I am incredibly busy, and work 12 hour days , everyday. Some things slip through. I am not the best with email, texts, calls, and the twitter. Its all a bit overwhelming , and I have to deal with A LOT of tire kickers, and this makes everybody’s bike take longer. I get real serious about you when I get a deposit.That’s the hard truth.
    And if you or anybody else think it is just ” a simple TIG frame ” , then build it yourself. Or if ya want, come on down and Ill let you use my welder.The TIG part of it is the easy parts, 18 years of experience is the hard part. Have a good season everybody!!

  6. Surf_Dope on

    I think the graphics are banal, sickeningly trendy, in poor taste and inspired by satanic pop culture. Having said that, Mr. Noren is one of the most inspired and skilled bike builders in the entire country. His design and welding skills are stupendous. His pursuit of the idea that a bike can have an artistic theme along with the quality of the build leads to some truly great and unique bikes.

  7. David on

    I am loving the tt wheels! “The pictures that have been painted onto the cabon the part”.
    I would love to know, if I can buy a wheel with art on it like the ones you display at show stalls?
    Or even a bike!
    Hope you keep on building bike they are very very cool… 😉


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