Above Category Bar Fly Garmin GPS cycling computer handlebar mount

Some people just like a clean handlebar. Or a clean stem. Or a really short one.

Enter Bar Fly, a creation from Woody Tate over at Above Category. The Bar Fly, which is already sold out of its initial run despite a very quiet launch, holds your Garmin GPS cycling computer out front of your handlebar. This position keeps your cockpit a bit cleaner. More importantly, it keeps the screen further out in front, directly in front of the stem, making it safer and easier to read while riding.

Tate says it’s made of Delrin so that it’s strong enough to hold the heavier Garmin 800 and will hold any Edge computer with the twist back. That includes the 200, 500 and 800. It’ll even accommodate the newer 900 with an adapter if you don’t mind it sitting at 90°.

The Bar Fly was designed by Tate, original prototypes were machined by his father-in-law from a plastic cutting board, they used a local whiz kid to engineer it, and it’s made in America. Retail is $39.99.

Above Category Bar Fly Garmin GPS cycling computer handlebar mount

Above Category Bar Fly Garmin GPS cycling computer handlebar mount


  1. Doesn’t look bad, but there’s just something about it sticking out in front of the bars like that that doesn’ t look cool. Well at least not to me.

  2. Garmin could release a 900 model, but wont. They’re easily milking the sale of subpar 800 since there is no competition to it out there.

  3. Not bad, but I too would probably prefer a bit more flexibility with where the computer sits.

    I was actually looking for Garmin mounts yesterday and found some cyclists using the Pro CARBON mount (Google it), which basically extends a tube out from the bars to mount using the standard Garmin mount/o-ring system. But it allows for more of a range for final placement of the computer, is cheaper and isn’t sold out.

    Not a knock against this product, it looks well designed (how did they get away with mimicking Garmin’s mount anyways?) and sturdy.

  4. Mavic has been doing a very similar mount for years with their Wintech computers. The placement works very well, much better than on the stem—it’s easier to view at a glance, especially when using it and needing to keep an eye on the road. Long time coming.

  5. Still not what I’m looking for, I want one that mounts to the faceplate, NOT on the bars.
    A real clean design takes it off the bars and puts the computer out in front of the stem’s face plate and bolts.

    Or if you really want to be trick you simply integrate it into the faceplate.

    Or if you really really want to be trick you can have the mounting arms for the mount behind the faceplate bolts.

    This design was haggard w/ FSA and its still haggard now.

  6. @Pablo—Keep dreaming. There would need to be so many designs made to accomodate the different faceplate designs…not to mention issues that could come from piggy packing on the bolts.

  7. Very nice… I will surely get one. However, I agree with commenter Bog, it would be nice if the mount placed the display lower.

  8. Problems for me… I use a Garmin 310xt with quick release adapter and the mount would be sideways. I also have carbon aero road bars and that come very close to the step so there is not enough room for that mount to sit flush. Finally, this thing is only going to be centered if you have that specific stem… If you use a different stem that has a wider (or narrower) clamping area it will be slightly off center and that would be annoying after spending decent money on this… Good idea in theory, but there are too many factors that it doesn’t account for in my opinion.

  9. Just received my Bar Fly. Used it for the first time yesterday. Very sturdy, better position than stock mount, easier to see when standing. Added bonus that has not been discussed- with the computer/mount not having a ‘base’ the beeps on the computer are much more audible. Good for starting stopping during intervals and knowing you hit the lap button.

  10. It would be great if someone would make something for the back of the bike, i.e. an attachment for bike lights. With today’s aero frames i.e. Cervelo S5 etc it’s quite difficult if not impossible to find a rear light that will mount properly to aero frames.

    Cateye has done a great job with their RM-1 saddle mount accessory however they have been out of stock for quite some time and there is absolutely no one else in the market that does any sort of good saddle rail accessory for lights. Well exposure does but that is limited to their own exposure rear light and even then it doesn’t fit properly onto Cervelo seat post/saddle set ups.

  11. To Mark Lee, Niterider makes a nice little rear flasher that works well with aero seatposts. It is small but very bright and visible.

  12. Why get that for $40 when you can get a Torhans aero bottle and an aero tray for almost the same $$… a way better solution… if you use aerobars anyway…

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