Lightweight Fernweg deep section full carbon fiber aerodynamic tubular road bike wheels

Normally, when you start getting into deep section aerodynamic wheels, weights easily creep into the 1500g range and up. Lightweight, on the heels of their Meilenstein clinchers, has just announced these 1,355g tubulars .

The rims are 81mm deep, and they’re laced with 16 front/20 rear spokes and offer both Shimano/SRAM and Campagnolo freehubs. At first glance, the rims look simple, with long flat sides and a rounded leading edge at the spoke bed. Despite appearances, Lightweight says they spent considerable time in the wind tunnel with experts from the aeronautics and automotive industries to develop them. That, combined with real world testing, led them to claim the Fernwegs are the “stiffest, lightest and probably most aerodynamic aero wheelset on the planet.”

The wheels are developed mainly for triathlon, but can be used for time trials and road racing, too. The carbon spoke construction Lightweight uses not only makes these wheels stiff, it also prevents water from entering the rim. The closed system means your wheels won’t gain water weight during wet rides. Shoot through for a close up…


  1. Here we go with the whining about the price. If you can’t afford them go find something you can afford. Are Ferraris, BMW or Cadillac or Lexus cheap? I don’t know of anything that is of impecable quality that is cheap!

  2. Would love to see some closeups of the hubs and general build quality. I LOVED the madfiber wheels and then saw the closeup of the hubs and was very disappointed. Let’s hope these look a better overall quality.

  3. I would love to see some closeups to show the hub and general build quality. I was all set to get a set of Madfiber clinchers and then read some reviews of the build quality (being slightly out of true) and the general backyard mechanic look of the hubs.

    Would love to see these.

  4. OOPS it told me there was a problem with my 1st comment and now i look like a ******* for posting the same thing twice. 😉

  5. Do these have a braking surface that is impervious to the effects of friction?

    (and something is screwed up with the captcha tokens today)

  6. At that weight they could challenge many 60mm wheels, at least on the aspects of weight, acceleration, and aerodynamics. I too expect them to be unbelievably expensive (no b****ing).

  7. The new Madfiber hub and spoke layup is now one piece so is *much* cleaner and a bit lighter. Also the trueness of wheels has now been improved to perfection. Love my set I just bought. My two cents.

  8. I looked at these wheels and ended up buying the Obermayer SE limted edition wheels…nothing and I mean nothing compares to the weight, strength and the ride of these wheels…the hub quality is second to none…maybe I even prefer the hubs to my Campy CURL hubs in the Bora Ultra Twos..
    Lightweight is the best with carbon in the world for wheels..Madfiber not close…campy not close….pricewise just dont ask…..

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