bikerumor monday mystery pic from first flight bicycles

Photo from the collection of Jeff Archer of First Flight Bicycles. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in the ‘comments’ section– the correct answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

To send in your own Mystery Pic to be considered for the Monday feature, click here and attach your photo with all pertinent information.


  1. Sean on

    Hmm. with nothing to scale, it’s a tough one. The one of the right, looks like it could be a bottom bracket, but it could very well be 1″ in diameter or so.

  2. Matt on

    Looking at the grain of the wood I’d say they’re about 10 or 15mm in diameter or so.
    No idea, this is a good one! Look forward to the answer

  3. Joe T on

    really? are we gonna post every stupid one off proto and expect people to know what it is?

    can we please get back to real esoteric bike parts?

  4. Patrick AKA Wiper on

    aren’t these the set of Seal changing Jig For Early Marzocchis ?? as in the piece on the left being the tool to set themain seal and dust wiper back in and the One on the right being the protective cap you’d use not to damage the edges of the alloy casting ??

  5. Scott R on

    Looks to me like some frame fittings for building a custom soft ride bike. The piece on the left would be the pin capture point for the front and the one on the right would be the reinforced mounting area for the “pivot” point.


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