Specialized Turbo e-bike electric bicycle for Europe

The new Specialized Turbo e-bike puts the Big S squarely in the plug and play bicycle market, and everything about it seems fast.

Top speed is claimed at 45km/h (almost 28mph!), it charges in just two hours and, well, it looks fast. The only trouble with that first part is that it means this won’t be coming to the U.S. since it blows past the maximum speed allowed for an electric bicycle (it would essentially be a moped and require a license plate here in the states).

The battery is built into the downtube, completely flush, and cables run through internal guides to keep everything sleek and smooth. The battery cells have a high “C-Rating” that allows them to charge rapidly and they’re laid out to facilitate rapid cooling.

Specialized Turbo e-bike electric bicycle for Europe

Front and rear wheels use thru-axles to keep everything properly aligned and ease removal and installation.

Specialized Turbo e-bike electric bicycle for Europe

The power button toggles between off, a customizable middle setting and full power. There’s also a negative mode to regenerate power from coasting and braking. Spec is top notch with SRAM DoubleTap shifters mated to X0 derailleurs and Magura’s MT8 carbon hydraulic brake levers, all mounted very tidy on the bar.

Specialized Turbo e-bike electric bicycle for Europe

All electronics -front and rear lights, computer and motor- are tied together and powered by the battery, but they all work seamlessly to relay info to the user. It’s also ANT+ compatible, so you can tie in 3rd party accessories.

Yes, other e-bikes have some of the same features, but none have the distribution network like Specialized does in the U.S. It’ll be interesting to see how consumer uptake unfolds if it can make it across the pond. Specialized says there are no plans to do so at the moment, but you can get one in Europe for €5,499. Check the Turbo mini-site for more details.

Not sold? Just look at how much fun these models are having:


  1. RC on

    So what if it needs a license plate? No biggie here. If it’s labeled a scooter, all the better. But 5500 euros???????? You’all need to move that decimal one place over……

  2. Androo on

    1) Euro prices are in no way convertible to North American prices. While the US may not be getting this bike for legal reasons, it’s unlikely it would cost more than $5500.
    2) There are regular bikes that cost way more than this, and for a lot of people this could be a wicked fun, practical commuter that lets them take the lane and deal with urban traffic in a way that most people can’t on a normal bike.
    3) Think of it like a motorcycle or a scooter and you’re a lot closer to the target market.

  3. dave on

    this is the first ebike that has a look that will appeal to cyclists.

    and the IBD channel will expose many consumers that have never considered ebikes.

  4. carl on

    Looks great…. price is (way) too high….. I believe that in Colorado they would not need to be licensed (???). A scooter under 50cc and incapable of speeds greater than 35mph does not need to be registered. For that kind of $$$ you can buy a real scooter and have a bit left over.

  5. Le Piou on

    I do hope that a couple of rich kids from the silicon valley grey-market/import them back to the US…
    Let’s be honest: no cop would ever ticket them for speeding… Who would take the risk to be look dumb for ticketing a bike?????

    Love it.

  6. Chris on

    I live in Switzerland, a bike with this power and speed would need a mini license plate here also, although the regulations are more relaxed than those for scooters are. Also, I believe that in the UK an e-bike with such spec’s is not allowed. So, it is really country-specific. There is lots of talk about the EU (general European government) passing new laws on e-bikes, but it’s hard to stay on top of all the regulations.

    Anyway, I believe that it is not hard for the manufacturers to change the speed-limiter settings so that they can offer a model that cuts the power at 25 kph, which would be free of restrictions in all countries. I would imagine that Specialized would want to do this to greatly increase the potential market (although that would still be alarmingly small at this price).

  7. gringo on

    On another site Specialized claims it to be ‘the worlds fastest e.bike’

    blatant lie. this bike goes 45.

    Scott, Flyer, Stromer, KTM and many others also make and sell 45km/h e.bikes in europe.

    Unfortunately thats typical of the flunkies Sinyard hires, make a very nice looking bike, then lie about it’s performance.

  8. Rich on

    mtb4me – have you ridden a fast ebike? If not, you are in no position to talk. They are wicked fun. You get to work without being sweaty and needing an extra meal. You take the lane with traffic and everything flows better. you aren’t polluting the crap out of the air we all breath with a gas scooter or motorcycle. Do I need to go further? This is great, IMO, Specialized has made a sweet looking ebike and even though I rather have my home built $1k 35mph ebike, this will have a market at $7k, abit a small one at first.

  9. Rich on

    I’m a young fit dude, I actually ride road competitively for 13 years. But pedaling in city traffic BLOWS. And yes, I can put out 2kw if I want, but for commuting – yes I need an assist for my above reasons mentioned.

  10. Mike on

    Jajajaja, GOOD JOKE MATT !!

    Since Cancellara “got caught” in that race Specialized has NO produced a single frame with a STRAIGHT SEAT TUBE till the bottom bracket.

    They has assumed in this way of doing things that the catcha was totally THE TRUTH !!

  11. Pete on

    Why then is the Stealth street legal ? It has 2 modes, which one is -supposed- to use when in traffic vs off-road. In mode 2, screams at 50..I want to see how that is going to be enforced :-).. Why can’t they (big brother) come up with legislation -yes, a specific e-bike license- since it’s all about the Ca$h cow anyway, and let people use what they want ? btw, it’s NOT rocket science to build your own for less than that, and legislation, well.. bye-bye. Of course, it would a bit difficult to get the streamlined shape of this bike. Then again, it gets me thinking.. Maybe it’s time some interested riders get together and start lobbying. Not just about e-bikes, but also even more -and larger- bike lanes in big cities, etc.. because no matter what, this IS the future.
    This and intelligent public transportation.

  12. Josh on

    It is not illegal just because you have to register it and give it a license plate. There are other ebikes that allow you to go over 20 but they have turn signals, lights, a license, and must be registered. The price is to high for me but I love it. Good looking, best design I have seen, and the weight seems reasonable. I’ll take two.

  13. Fabian on

    5500 euros is expensive, it is close to the cost of a “Stealth Bomber” US made eBike which has double the performance.

    I’m building my own ebike (good looking too) and it goes over 50 mph with a 40+ mile range and it cost about 2500 to build using good parts.

  14. Hellespont on

    I’m sure from a safety point of view 25 kph is supposedly the maximum limit. However, this thing is marketed as a fast e-bike that is coined “Turbo S”… At 25 kph its nothing exhilarating as such, what’s more; selling in Australia for bloody $7500 is just ridiculous

    Why would any one individual buy something like this and pay an exuberant amount just to do 25 kph???

    I’ve recently swayed away from Giant just to now focus on Specialized road bikes and I’m really happy as a consumer. Nevertheless, Specialized should market a different model as the “Eco S” for example and drop the price. 25kph and 45kph is a significant difference; therefore the price should justify it.

    Or alternatively, give the consumer a choice to unrestrict the speed (choose at their own peril) then may be as a consumer; I might consider one as well.

    I’ve seen one other example of the Stealth Bomber selling at one point for 10 grand capable of up to 50 mph… that is utterly insane.


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