Rockshox 650B revelation suspension fork

With the introduction of the SRAM Rise 650B wheels, it only makes since that they make a Rockshox fork to go with it.

For 2013 they’ll have a dedicated 650B Revelation fork. It’s going into production now and should be at distributors in about two months or so.

The internals, chassis and travel are developed specifically for that wheel size.

Normally, the Revelation is a longer travel fork, but Sander Rigney, Rockshox category manager, says they’ve been getting a lot of requests for shorter travel versions. They’ll have 150mm-to-120mm travel adjust and various fixed travel versions from 100 to 150. Just 15mm thru axle and tapered steerer tubes to start with. Other options and adjustments will be in line with current Revelation models.

If you’re wondering, the axle to crown for a 150mm Revelation fork is:

– 558mm for 29er
– 539mm for 650b
– 528mm for 26″

The 650B wheel is much closer in actual size to the 26″ wheel than the 29er.

Rigney hinted it’ll show up on some major brand bikes this summer.


  1. 650b is closer to 26, but not by much. Jumps in size are 4.5% from 26 to 27.5 and 6.5% from 650b to 29.

    Problem could be that a particular bike is not designed with a particular wheel size in mind. This Nicolai is riding in the shortest travel setting – so it will be quite tall in travel with the added wheel height.

  2. this is a great idea. 650b wheels are stronger and lighter than 29 wheels. not only that they fit a much larger segment of people. the 29 is way to big. never liked 29ers but the 650b wheels would be worth the upgrade to larger wheels. my main problem with the 29ers was the effort it took to spool them up and the the slugish nature of the handling. i am 6ft and raced pros in xc and could never get used to the handling.

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