Many companies have attempted to bring the advantages of the gearbox into mainstream use, but Zerode has nearly perfected the design. The frames 9.5″ of travel utilizes a high single pivot to erase bumps and instantaneous shifting is provided via an 8 speed Afline rear hub.

Several slight modifications make the new 2012 model even more appealing, but timing issues prevented it from being displayed. Want the scoop anyways?

Frames are now shipping stock from the New Zealand company with a Cane Creek Double Barrel shock. Price  remains steady at $3499.  The company will receive  a Di2 Alfine hub next September and begin testing right away.

This knob tensions the smaller chain which runs from the pedals to the alfine hub.

The new 2012 frame will shed 1.5 lbs over the current model by switching over from a powder coat to an anodized finish and varying the thickness of the aluminum tubing. The new frame colors will be black, silver, and blue. The lower shock protector (visible on the table in the first picture) will be made from polycarbonite rather than carbon. The new frames, with gearbox installed, will weight aprx 10.5 lbs. Down from the 12 of yester years frames.

Rumor has it a carbon trail bike with an 11 spd Alfine is currently in the development phases. If current trends are any indicator, we may see a carbon gearbox DH frame from Zerode sometime in the near future.



  1. CJ on

    The largest market for this system is the AM/Trailbike class of bikes. DH gets you the street cred but AM/Trailbikes pay the bills.

    Get it in Carbon drop the weight and make sure the gearbox is flawless and it will alter the world.

  2. dave on

    this design is an inverted faux bar. seems like you’d have pedal feedback in the opposite direction, pulling the bike down rather than up. I don’t get why this design is superior.

  3. Gillis on

    @dave: A chain run up to the gearbox and then another chain runs high, in line with the seat-stay to the wheel. So the drivetrain has minimal influence on the suspension. The extremely high-and-back pivot gives the wheel a rearward path.

    I would like to see a lighter weight am/trail version of this.

  4. CJ on

    They would be better off somehow getting the Alfine hub on the same center line as the upper pivot. Maybe use and eccentric cup to get some adjustment range as well.

  5. craigsj on

    no, it’s not an inverted faux bar. Faux bars have a floating brake, this does not. It’s a simple single pivot with a shock linkage. It’s basically a deVinci Wilson with a very high pivot

    It does not have unusual pedal bob or feedback for the reason Gillis said. CJ, a drive concentric with the pivot point requires the pivot to be near the squat line. It is not here, thoigh it could be. Pedal feedback would change.

    High pivots have high anti-squat without a lot of chain growth, high levels of brake anti-rise, and a plush, rearward axle path. Rearward axle paths also enable compact rear ends, though you don’t see it here because of the application and the shock linkage.

    Zerode is developing a trail bike to follow the DH bike. I’d like to see it with 29″ wheels.

    Vroomen, this is what innovation looks like. 😉

  6. Ian on

    Hey I wanted to update a few things. First off the weight of 12LBS is frame/shock for 2011! The new frame shock will be about 10.5 do you weigh other DH bikes with der., chainguide, shifter and cassette? So the alfine adds 1.5 lbs over a light set-up.

    The CHAIN NEVER GROWS 100% active period…..

    There is an AM Carbon one in the works it will use the 11 spd Alfine.

    The frame pictured is a 2011 the 2012 is 1.5LBS lighter God knows what the 2013 alterations may be 🙂

    The Alfine went 3 years under Elite level DH riders and was never touched.

    Hope that helps…..

  7. Saris on

    Hey Ian,

    I’ve updated the post.

    Sorry for mixing up those weights! Thanks for letting us know. Can’t wait too see the new Zerode trail bike.



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