Posed as a solution for the dangers of ear-buds, SleekSpeak is a little cubic speaker that can be attached virtually anywhere on a bike with a silicon strap. While cruising along, music can be streamed to SleekSpeak from smartphones and MP3 players via bluetooth. Each cube blasts out over 80 decibels. This makes SleekSpeak much louder than the roughly 70 decibel volume of city traffic. Encased in a rubber shell, rain and road turbulence won’t bother it. Also, multiple speakers can be linked to make the bicycle even louder. The cost per device is set at $100. This is a Kickstarter project that has until May 9th to meet its goal.

Featured after the break is the SleekSpeak color assortment along with the Kickstarter video…

Sleekspeak Speakers Plenty

Sleekspeak Speaker Detail

Visit the SleekSpeak Kickstarter page.


  1. It’s a cool idea to be able to listen to music while riding, but I have more important things to listen to. If you’re on the street it should be traffic. If it’s on your bike in general it should be your bike. I don’t want to be riding and then hear half an hour later that there’s creaking or something funky with the bike. Yeah it can be quieter but come on there’s other people out there too. Definitely for the hipsters.

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