This clip starts out like the majority of most GoPro clips. There’s a nice swoopy trail, a few chances to catch air, etc.. nothing too crazy until the rider, Jordan Brizzell, catches upto another rider. The slower biker refuses to pull over, despite many requests, and eventually attacks the camera wearing Jordan! Skip ahead to 4:53 to see the carnage.

Jordan uploaded the video of the attack to various social media sites, including Reddit, and asked viewers to contact him if they identified the rider who allegedly choked him by helmet straps and attempted to steal his video camera. This morning, April 23,  45 year old Aaron William Dalton, admitted to assault in court.

Whether Jordan should have  just passed the other rider on an alternate line is arguable…He may have even pushed the issue to far, but this kind of violence between cyclists is inexcusable. If you hear a rider coming up hot on your tail, please find a good section, and pull over. We’re all just trying to have fun! Via TVNZ

Check past the break for another painfully funny “fender bender freakout.”

This would be an example of an inappropriate place to stop on the trail to let others pass!




  1. man what a dick, I’m fairly new to mtbing and its just common sense to let people pass…i mean it applies to walking, driving, riding, and swimming, let the faster dude go by so everyone has a good time.

  2. If you ask me. Both of those riders were A-holes.

    The guy in the RS jersey was wrong for not letting the quicker rider by when a spot opened up to do so.
    The guy with the camera was a total douhe for pushing the issue like that on a trail ride(I assume this was not a race).

    IMO- The camera rider forced the issue and then seemed to inflate it by telling the guy he had a camera and could be arrested. That just sealed the deal.

  3. was the first video a joke? who gets full names during a fight?! unless ofcourse it turned full on fight club and they carried it all the way to a public area and johnny law broke up their bromance. i call b.s..

    As far as the second vid. she deserved it. ur in body armor on a dedidacated dh trail, dh bike, and on a train and you’re gonna stop there? wasn’t like she was on the ground.

  4. what a cry baby. both the guy and the girl. every time the guy says im sorry she takes the opportunity to jump down his throat and he just keeps taking her crap. at a certain point move on dude, you apologized and she wont accept. just because she is on the verge of crying doesnt mean you have to sit there and take her temper tantrum. typical chick. i love how she slips on the root at 2:35.

  5. Skip to 3:20 to see where the slower rider lets the fast rider pass. The fast rider did not take the opportunity, which tells me that he was just looking for a fight. I’m not saying that the slow rider is right for waiting so long to pull over, but the second rider’s behavior is what bothers me the most.

  6. Oh, FFS, can’ t these people carry their own water?
    There’s no crying on the trail unless you’ve won a race or your dog has just passed away on the trail.

    First guy has anger management issues. What’s his problem? He’s on a killer trail, and the Sun is shining.
    He should hang out in bars & not ride MTB. To ride is to be mellow & flow. And if you’re harshing someone else’s flow, let ’em through. Simple as that. Total douche bag.
    The girl? There’s no whining in MTB. Actually, there’s no whining in LIFE, except a lot of lame parents out there haven’t imparted any self-discipline to their offspring. As far as the trail goes, deal with it. If you stop in the middle of the trail with no warning, you could get nailed. She did, albeit softly. I think her “broken leg” will probably heal, but her attitude needs some serious resetting. Too bad the rider that hit her was playing the “ooh, I hit a girl, I should apologize until she takes me back” card. Also lame. Take some responsibility for your actions, then move on. No harm, no foul. Are all these people still in 4th grade, mentally? /rant off.

  7. second video i can’t load it, about first video, both are big assholes. In a single track, no body has to let you pass; if you go faster just stop yourself so you will have more space to go faster. First rider, the one recording ws an a**hole, the one with the rock shox jersey, sure he can’t control himself but man, if i´m in the countryside, don’t stress me like that, cause you deserve to be punched, and so he got punched as he deserve. If you pressure on other people’s nerves you might get punched, and that’s what the guy got, just what he deserved, he deserved violence. So please bike rumor, cut the paternalist drama, we are all adults.

  8. I’m with MaLoL on this. The rider with the camera in first video is a grade A arsehole. If I’m riding singletrack and I catch up with a rider who is slower than me, I stop and let them get a lead on me then start again.

    When has being faster ever meant you should get right of way? The dude in front was on the trail first therefore he has right of way.

    The fella with the camera has hopefully learnt a lesson that you don’t go around shouting at people to do what you want when you have no right to.

  9. Vid 1: If the slower rider was going to be a douche and not pull over for all of a few seconds then the faster guy should’ve just pulled over himself and waited a few minutes to give some separation. Foul on them both for making an issue out of it.

    Vid 2: That girls needs to shut up and stop whining. She stopped in the middle of a trail at what looks like a heavily used DH riding area. NEVER STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TRAIL, unless you are crashing. She wasn’t stopping at a drop-off or anything either, I can’t even tell why she stopped. Even so, his timing was just bad, although he should have called it out that he was going to make a pass.
    But then the guy kept apologizing and she wouldn’t acknowledge it as an accident and kept berating him. Foul on them both for that.

  10. I’m embarrassed for all participants on both videos, and for mtn bikers as a group.

    Rather than complain more, here is a solution, albeit a long winded one:

    When I was introduced to mtn biking, it was mandatory to carry all kinds of spares in our packs (tubes, derailleurs, extra water and food). We used to pack out trash we found on the trial it was kind of a karma culture, because there weren’t many people riding, and a lot of other trail users were kids drinking and leaving trash on the trials. We happily gave a spare tube or water to a stranger on the trail, only words would be “help out the next guy”. Frankly, because we knew next week we’d be the one in need of help, and many of us had hiked out miles when out of water, food, etc. Bottom line to all this – We knew we were in it together and went out of our way to be cool to one another.

    So, why dont we start embracing a culture of karma. Ie…dont bring your work attitude to the trial, dont be a dick to slow riders who are learning, pull over for fast guys, if you see a wrapper left by the last guy, take the high ground and pack it out, etc. I nominate IMBA to somehow continue spreading the message, as will I when I ride. Yes i know you have rules of the trial….but god that 1 pager of text is old and tired. Make it more modern by using these videos as examples. come ups with a slogan that we can jump on….like see dick ride angry, see dick crash, see dick have a shitty ride…dont be a dick. Heck, Id buy that jersey 😉

    Anyone from IMBA reading this?

  11. Wow. I have to concur with that rider getting tailgated. I probably would’ve slapped that TMZ idiot as well. I mean that moron ran into him. And he was given the opportunity to pass but Hero didn’t have the skillset to do it. What a maroon. He’s like that idiot in traffic who fights to get one spot ahead you before the traffic light.

  12. Vid 1: After DB in sweet vintage jersey wouldn’t move over after a polite heads up the dude should have stopped and let the moron get farther down the trail.

    Vid 2: What a dumb chick. That type of reaction just makes women look stupid. She stopped in the middle of a clearly HEAVILY used DH course. So weird that someone was right behind her…

    Great vids, keep them coming.

  13. Video 1 When you tailgate and harass somebody that much, you should expect a reaction. At the same time, assaulting someone was still out of line and trail etiquette is to let the faster rider pass.

    Video 2 If you are riding a crowded downhill trail and you stop in the middle of the trail, you should expect to be hit. Pull over. It’s no different from driving on the highway. If you stop, you get hit. Doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl. The rules of common sense and physics apply at all times.

  14. Guy with a camera is twice a douchebag. First, for pushing the issue, like that is a frigging race, second for posting this video online in a fit of butthurt.

  15. the guy that wouldn’t let the other pass was an a $$….come on the other guy wasn’t cursing at him…he got violent first and he was confrontational the first time he pulled over and then I don’t know how got back in front of the other guy almost in order to have a confrontation!!! When someone comes up on me like that I pull over and try to get on that guys tail in order to push myself camera guy was not out of line!

  16. The first video featured heavily in our news and its pretty stupid. It is getting taken to court. I don’t personally know jordan brizzel, but from what people who do have told be he had it coming. The guy in front should have let him pass, but it is a pretty short trail that goes back down to the car park, probly his last ride for the day. In my opinion anybody who says they will do you for assault that easily deserves at a s*** load more than what he got

  17. Good points by all. In the first vid, there is no need to treat a ride like a race…the guy with the camera needs to chill out. He clearly had a more aggressive bike with a modern thru axle fork…the ‘slow’ guy was riding an older hardtail with barends. I hope camera dude got a trophy for winning the secret race.

    If you are a member of IMBA, you are IMBA. Not all message spreading needs to start from the top…it is up to all of us members to embrace the culture of karma.

  18. It’s all about learning. Sooner or later, I’ll find a guy (or a girl) better than you.
    I did think I was a pimp downhill. I am not. I relized it during the last AFr Ride in China Camp. I got past by so many guys…
    And seriously: yeah, at first it hearts, but then you’ll realize than you learn so much on watching them in front of you that you HAVE TO let them pass.
    Let the fast guys pass… and enjoy!

    PS: hey fast guys: a “thanks” is always appreciated. It’s free, and slowpokes love it.

  19. Vid #1 What a waste of a beautiful day, both guys are c**** for that type of behavior… I love riding single track, and most of the people you find out there are in the same bliss. I’ve only encountered this douchery from hikers (trail nazis) and motorists whilst on my road bike.
    Vid #2 That girl got p’owned… at first I thought she was dressed for paint ball or a Halo fan club re-enactment on MTBs. Noob! Don’t stop in the middle of a busy trail, and don’t attack someone for an accident – the dude was way too apologetic, but I guess it’s easier to pad a wounded ego than tell the truth… My favorite part is she says “he’s going to pay for this” then “If you’re on a blue, I don’t think you should be going, like 100mph – go ride a black and be with the big boys” then “just don’t do it again” and he says “I promise I won’t” lol

  20. Regarding video #1, the dude in the front needed to let the other guy past. If you’re the slower rider, PULL OVER! You don’t own the trail and your speed is hindering another’s enjoyment of that trail so, when you find a safe place, let the other guy pass. The guy in the back gave ample time and warning so there should be no reason why the tubby dude in the bumble-bee jersey shouldn’t have let him pass.

    As for #2, the apologetic rider did nothing wrong. You don’t stop short when you know you have other riders behind you unless there’s an emergency. If Mr. Apology were trying to pass, the only way to make that happen would be to get close to the rider ahead and move when it’s safe (the trail looked wide enough). If you need to stop for some reason, PULL OVER and stop…don’t risk other people’s health by stopping short in the middle of the trail.

  21. Are those fake? Just very weird vibes in both videos. If I’m riding and someone is in front of me I either stop and let them go ahead more, go a different way, or follow and pass them at a wide spot. IMO it’s also better off not to say a thing at all ever. Just gotta wait to get the right spot to pass. If that camera guy was so much “faster” he could have done that at those cross trails.

  22. I’m a mate of Aaron Dalton’s and have raced against him a lot…never seem him do his nut ever. He’s a top bloke. I agree that the slow rider should let the quicker rider past but if you’re going to be pushy and obnoxious like that young guy expect a reaction.

  23. Entertaining stuff. Would love to ride the trails in the first video, hats off to the group that did all the work. Violence at the end is silly for certain, no reason ever for it. There’s only one person guilty and that is the guy who initiated the contact. Fast rider is sort of a doink too as he could have passed and seemed to want to incite a reaction. He got it.

    2nd video is just silly. Guy who hit the stupid chick gets bonus points for apologizing and being a nice guy. After the 20th apology and listening to her I would have bailed on the whole scene. She needs a new sport or her group needs to help her with her poor riding habits.

  24. The girl in that second video is terrible. Everyone is correct, she slammed on her brakes in the middle of a trail with some roots on it. Then complains that the guy should be on a different trail…its clear she should have been on a different trail.

    Also, so funny they’re all wearing body armor and full face helmets, then she acts like she got hit by a dump truck! She was fine, just a sucky person altogether.

    The best part is, “I’m not going to leave you here if you’re hurt…” then like 50 other people show up. If I was that guy I would have said, do you think something is broke? Is your bike o.k.? Good, see you later…

  25. If I’m faster than the guy in front of me, and they don’t know the etiquette, is it good etiquette to ride their wheel and give them a lecture on what they should be doing? Two antagonists just ruined each others’ day, and one of them took it far enough for the other to bring the law into it. Welp.

  26. I have watched both videos. In my opinion, I wish I was out riding on those trails rather than stuck in my office watching videos of people being jerks to one another.

  27. Funny how people are when equipped with video.

    Anybody wonder how Mr. “I’ve got you on video” would have behaved without such documentation? He’d just have to live like a bog boy and deal with the results of his actions. Whether or not someone “should” not attack you is somewhat irrelevant if your actions cause it to happen. Right or wrong you’d better man-up and play your part without crying when you start a game with no rules. That game being going beyond acting like a generally nice person. Step over the line and you get a grumpy pudgy dude knocking you down 😉 SO FUNNY.

    That girl might like to clean all the GREEN routes without all that silly body armor before running nearly out of control on the blue endangering everyone else. Would she stop dead center on a busy stair down to the subway at rush hour? WTF!

  28. In both videos, it is obnoxious of the camera owners to tailgate the other rider. Since when is such behavior acceptable? They do not let you through, move on. Stop and let them get away, then go on. Neither one owned the trail and should determine that another person has to stop, interrupt their ride, to pull over. In the second video, while it was a mistake of the woman to stop in the middle of the trail, camera guy would not have crashed if we was not tailgating.

  29. In our part of the country if a faster rider is coming up on you, then you let them pass. As for attacking someone, for trying to pass is not acceptable. If I see that guy in front on the trail I might kick his tale just because he is in the area what a jerk, let the guy pass for crying out loud and then he would not tailgate you anymore. The guy in front need a good old fashion butt whippin.

  30. @notanMTBrider
    “Stop and let them get away, then go on” ? says the obviously slow rider …

    If the following rider is not close enough to be heard, then there is no way a lesser experienced leader is going to know they are being followed and will therefor not know to let the follower pass.

    “stopping” is not at all required to allow a pass – GOOD GRIEF – does nobody know how to ride with any common sense? You don’t stop on the highway do you? When you’re in the left lane you are supposed to move over, not stop, not just sit there like a boob. This is basic stuff.

    To the noobs reading who don’t “get it”, if you hear a follower, especially one who ASKS to pass, you can simply say “ok, just a moment up here”. Then, when you see a good spot coming, you can also ad “ok, here” and when you begin to slow or to move over, any good follower will take the safe opportunity and likely thank you for being so helpful. (some followers don’t mind hanging out for a while or bother asking if the section is difficult or the end is close).

    If a person ‘refuses’ to allow a pass, then they fully deserve a constant heckling. Not saying ‘threats’ but if you want someone on your wheel who will actually endanger you if you falter, then you do deserve to be heckled or run into if you are refusing to allow the pass.

    The girl didn’t seem to get a full/long warning/request to pass but that’s not what it was about from what I saw, she just rode poorly and freaked out mid trail on what was clearly an easy section. That sort of route is typical to have multiple people in a train so you just have to be mindful of your actions in front of anyone regardless of your ability. If you have to slow or stop, you just have to try going to a side so it’s at least easier for followers to miss you.
    Aside from that, going off on the guy is like crying you got hit in a boxing ring. There’s a reason people wear all that body armor!

  31. @jwest: I still find the tailgating inexcusable and obnoxious. Mind you that only see a selected clip of what might have been a much longer interaction. It is not clear that one rider is faster than the other, only that the video guy wants to pass during the clip. On the road, I’ve experienced many occasions in which someone accelerates to pass only to slow down right after passing. It is very annoying.

    I thought that the type of armor worn by riders in the second video was to prevent injuries from falling, not from being hit by knucklehead riders who tailgate. If the latter is true, I will add that as one more reason to avoid MTB.

  32. Both riders are at fault in the first video. Faster guy had a few good spots to pass and chose not to. The slower guys still shouldn’t have freaked out. It’s embarrassing to see grown men act like children.

    The girl is the second video rides as poorly as she walks and shouldn’t be allowed to ride bikes. Wow, you suddenly came to a stop on a downhill trail and a rider behind you hit you, but only after trying to stop himself the best he could… how can you be surprised there? You slammed your brakes in the middle of a trail full of people. If anything, they should be yelling at you. On the other hand, I commend the guy for not escalating the argument. If one of the people in the first video had acted like him, they probably wouldn’t have fought.

  33. On the second video, looks like the distance between the guy in front of her is about the same as the distance she had on the guy behind her. You can argue about if she was wrong for stopping abruptly or the camera guy was wrong for following closely. But if the girl was mature, she should have realized it was a mistake and not have acted like a bratty child. After the guy showed sincere apologies, the girls should’ve piped down.

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