If you caught the Pic of the Day today and made it through the comments, you might have noticed something in the comments about all these stickers covering prototype parts. Not quite.

Look closely at the Racing Ralph’s fine print and you’ll see they’re tubular tires. On carbon rims. From Sun-Ringle. The hubs looked very similar to their existing offerings, so I didn’t photo those, but this isn’t the only thing those stickers “hid” in plain sight…



Anyone notice any Pro SL wheels on their website currently? Neither did we, but we hear they’re on the way. They were even wearing Pro SL t-shirts around the booth, as if to tease us. I might have seen something glimmering from within a wheel bag, too. Maybe. And it might have looked pretty sweet.

Considering the current Black Flag wheels are really good and a steal for the price (not to mention that plenty of OE guys are content to spec them on some pretty nice bikes), anything that makes them lighter without sacrificing durability is good in our book. It’s also worth mentioning that they license Stan’s NoTubes rim profile. Now, if they would just bring those ceramic bearings back…


  1. Judging by that ridge on the inner radius and internal nipples, they look an awful lot like the Reynolds mountain tubular rim. Maybe they are getting some for re-branding?

  2. I’d have thought internal nipples on an MTB tubular rimmake very little sense – there’s no aerodynamic benefit, and one would have to take the tyre off to true the bloody thing.


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