2013 Cannondale SiSL2 Hollowgram crankset

Ooops. Apparently, this little kitty wasn’t supposed to be let out of its bag for another day or so. In the meantime, we’ll have Cannondale’s 2013 road, cyclocross and women’s bikes posted shortly. Stay tuned, this crank will return with more details and answers to some of the comments very soon…(and yes, we know this sucks)

UPDATE: New post is here with more tech info and better photos.


  1. Thanks for the advice I will definitely grow up now that means a lot coming from you I really took it to heart and put it in a place where I will always cherish it for me to poop on.

  2. It is Bike Rumor, there is a typo every day. Finding them is like playing “Where’s Waldo”. They really should tighten up the editing cycle.

    • Thanks for the catch guys. We are human, we do make typos. Usually, (as it is in this case) we are trying to get you the information as fast as possible. And when in the middle of Press Camp (as Tyler is now) there is often not a lot of time, we get really excited, and mistakes get made. It’s a sacrifice we have to make to get you the latest tech as fast as possible, but we are always trying to improve.
      Thanks for reading.

  3. I really like the look of these. Stronger and lighter and better shifting… Wow. I have a feeling it will cost more but you can’t have everything 🙂

  4. Any word on expected chainring/crank life? Seems a shame to throw out a whole lot of expensive alluminum when the teeth are worn? May be a pro only thing.

  5. Disappointed!

    Ugly graphics (subjective) & an inability to use different chain rings = mammoth fail.

    Mate the new arms to the old spider and we’ll have the best combo.

    The Si 3D look like a nice alternative

    Please explain how this is possible, “The spindle has been machined down more, too, which also made it stiffer.”

  6. The 1 piece rings sure do look cool. I am guessing they are removeable w/ some sort of splined interface?

    I bet they are lighter for sure by elimiminating mounting tabs, bolts, etc. It looks like the small and big rings are machined as one. I am guessing both rings are changed as one. Any word on other tooth configurations at this time?

    I like it.

  7. I always liked the hollowgrams as some of the most beautiful cranks available, mostly because of their clean shape and nice proportions. Its a pity they’re mounting such ungly chainrings to them, only to aggravate things by applying shitty, cheap graphics. (Spider > Spidernets > YES, I’m getting it….ugh) Luckily, there are still the SI, which are not only good looking all around, but surely also way cheaper.

  8. Really like this idea. Definitely makes it more of a pain for aftermarket rings, but system like this I’ve found to work real well (ex: White Industries cranks, splined interface and lock ring). I quite like the look of them but those cheesy spider web graphics NEED TO GO, just leave the damn things black, or even better, just polish them. Price-wise, I am going to assume this is another Cannondale crankset that makes my Record crankset look like a bargain though.

  9. Oh my goodness! Lighter AND stiffer?! Wow. And, vertically more compliant while being laterally stiff? And, a 47.9% increase over the last version…And, blah, blah, blah, blah…

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