Birzman’s new Zacoo Maha floor pumps have what looks to be the saving grace for valve heads.

Their new Snap-It valve head simply pushes onto the valve stem, then the gold collar slides down to lock it onto the stem. To remove it, just pull up on the gold bit and it pops off. Easy peasy. And, they say it holds plenty tight to keep from blowing off at high pressures.

If you’ve suffered from pulling removable valve cores right out of the stem as you unthread screw-on pump heads, this should sound pretty good. The true test will be to see how it holds on smooth valve extenders. It’s Presta and Schrader compatible.

Even better, the barrel is angled at 5º to make pumping a little more comfortable, and there’s a high volume mountain bike specific pump that goes up to 120psi and various regular ones that’ll go to 220psi.

Even more better? There’s a mini-pump with the Snap-It valve head, too…

The Inifinte mountain bike mini pumps get the Snap-It pump head and come in the regular version (shown) and one with a built in CO2 booster. A road version of both is a bit slimmer with a higher PSI rating. Want.

Thanks to Tom at i-Ride for sending this in!


  1. Want one too! on

    Seriously. If their quality is up to Lezyne standards for example, this would be awesome. But oddly, they are not even listed as an Interbike exhibitor. Unless they have some mystery rep, they don’t seem to be interested in the US market.

  2. someslowguy on

    Ha. All the bike shop guys are commenting here. Maybe if we all bug QBP or Hawley they’ll become distributor(s). And I have to ask, and maybe I missed it, but couldn’t find on their website either:

    Is there a bleeder or is the visible button like a Lezyne and only depressurizes the hose??? Thanks in advance.

  3. Tywin on

    Probably doesn’t help you US distributors, but I work in an NZ chain of shops that’s also the Birzman importer. Pretty much everything they make is really, really well designed and strong. We use a lot of the tools in our workshop including the chain breaker. Haven’t seen these pumps yet, guess they’re new. Definitely Lezyne-quality, well worth getting a US importer interested. 🙂

  4. Mark on

    Curious about the ‘Lezyne quality’ comments. I’ve seen a few valve cores get pulled trailside courtesy of the Lezyne pumps, and also watched the handle & plunger pop out of one. (pretty much instant deflation in either case) They may be well made from a QR point of view but the real possibility of having to fix a flat twice or three times didn’t make me want one.
    At all..
    Just occured to me that maybe the lezyne floor pumps are what posters are referring to? either way, I’ve not been impressed by what I’ve seen.

  5. Ajax on

    Definitely agree that the USA needs a distributor. I like the pump head design and ability to not rip the valve core off the tube.

  6. Birzman on

    Thank you all for the comments and interest in Birzman. We currently don’t have a distributor in the US, but are working on finding the right partner to assist us in entering the American market. For more information about the brand and the products please check out our website at and don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you and any feedback you might have.

  7. Jason on

    Hi everyone,
    Birzman is gearing up to enter the US market by the Spring.
    The products look great, the valve connector is fantastic and I think the quality is better than anything in the US market right now.


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