Maybe because they’re usually the stuff of late-night informercials, I’m usually skeptical of do-it-all cleaners.  Powerful on grease, gentle on hands- all that stuff.  From my years as a bike mechanic, I learned that nothing is as tenacious as the funk between cassette cogs- and that freeing one’s hands from the stuff could only come with grit, scrubbing, and time. When Grease Monkey Wipes sent out a sample of their citrus-based signature product earlier this year, I honestly didn’t expect much. Was I surprised?  Come behind the curtain to find out!

Grease Monkey Wipes are tough moistened wipes and come either individually packaged in boxes of 12 for $12 or 30 to a $5 canister.  Though economics are clearly on the side of the canister, it can be nice to toss a couple of individual packages in my pack or glovebox or saddle bag for emergencies.  All of the Wipes are made in the USA.

How do Grease Monkey Wipes work?  They work so well that I find myself saving them for when my hands are really dirty.  They do a great job at pulling aged grease off of the hands- and off of everything else for that matter.  After I’ve cleaned my hands with a single wipe, I have found myself then using the wipe to clean dried energy drink from my bikes downtubes.  Impressive stuff.

Of course, Grease Monkey Wipes remove natural oils from the hands as well- so the skin could get pretty dry with regular use.  As pleasantly orange-y as they smell, the package warns users that they may be harmful if swallowed and to keep them out of reach of children.  An impressive product that saves me from tracking filth from the workshop to the nearest faucet, I’ll be buying another canister when this one runs out.


  1. Love these! Great for keeping in saddle bag to clean up after a flat change mid ride and keeps white handle bar tape looking great.

  2. vX-2,

    Probably not- wiping a chain off really only removes excess: generally, you don’t want to use a solvent/degreaser on the chain between routine applications…


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