Sooo…we’ve already tried freezing every frame, and there’s nothing that gives away anything. We’ve talked to them, and all we’re allowed to say is that they’ll have different things to show (all new) at both Eurobike and Interbike, giving us all the more reason to attend both shows. If you’re a Niner fan, we’ll bet you can guess what one of them is, leave a comment. Maybe we’ll have a little something to give away to the first person with a correct response.


  1. I would’ve guessed carbon RIP9 as well.

    Not sure what other model they could make. Could they possibly be moving into CX? It’s technically 29er, if you put fatter tires on their wheels. Maybe a hybrid/commuter? Maybe a “fat bike”?

  2. Aluminum complement to the JET RDO (basically a first generation RIP, which in my opinion, is the perfect bike). I love my first generation RIP.

  3. I’m hoping for a Carbon Rip9/WFO hybrid. Maybe something with adjustable travel and head angle, but I’m guessing carbon Rip9 – what took them so long?

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