Ghisallo wood bicycle rims with carbon fiber internal reinforcement

Ghisallo has been making wood rims since 1946 in Italy. They’ve always done tubulars and have made wood-only clinchers since the ’50s. Those were limited to about 4.5 bar (65psi).

Now, they’re launching their Ultimate line of carbon fiber reinforced wood clinchers, which can handle up to 7-8 bar (~100 to 116psi). The carbon provides the structural strength to keep the air pressure from pushing the sidewalls out and breaking the wood. They’ll run €120 per rim, which includes their nipples and washers.

They also have new 29er mountain bike tubulars…

 wood bicycle rims with carbon fiber internal reinforcement

Another of the five wood color options.


A standard wood 700c tubular.

Ghisallo wood tubular 29er mountain bike rims

Mountain bike 29er rims are €93, and they’re available through Wheel Fanatic for the US. Ghisallo’s reps said they’re very laterally stiff and take advantage of wood’s natural damping characteristics.


  1. Great rims. Not new though. I had the carbon reinforced ones since February. Really comfortable, but do wear very very fast in bad conditions (sand combined with rain). Otherwise lovely rims.

  2. Hallo everyone !

    We care to say to SWijland that those conditions were the worse ones … why not using disk brakes next time?

    Disk braking is no problem furthermore when braking with pads they produce less heat than carbon fiber.

    Wooden rims function, they are confortable, safe and elegant.

    We are preparing new product optionals, so stay tuned.

    Come on, enjoy life and ride a set of them !

    Ghisallo Staff – Any further information enquire is welcome

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